How To Recycle Your Junk Car?

If your car is not functioning or running and is only lying in the garage, then recycling is the best option. But the question is how to recycle your car. The easy way to recycle your car is to sell your car at the junk yard or auto salvage yard. By selling your car at junk yard for recycling, you can also earn few dollars by putting your old parts in market for someone else to use it for fixing their car.

How to find the Junk Yard?

The first and the foremost step towards recycling of your car is to find a genuine junk yard that will pay you the best amount for your car. Start searching the auto wreckers and junk yards in your area. The best way to locate them is to use internet. Open the browser and search for the junk yards in your area. You will get the list of the junk yards in that specific area along with their addresses and contact numbers. You just have to call on all these numbers of junk yards and ask them to provide you the quote for it.

How To Recycle Your Junk Car?

Compare the Quotes

The quotes you will receive from each junk yard will differ from one another. You must make sure that you get the quotes from most of the junk yards, so as to ensure that you are getting the best and fair price. Once you get the quotes from all the junk yards, compare them and select the junk yard providing you the best quote.

Preparing the Car

Once you have chosen the junk yard interested in your car, remove everything from your car. The things that the junk yard or the autos salvage yard wants are the title of the car, keys and the owner’s manual. Remember, once you hand over the car to them, they will not let you to take out anything from your car, even your personal things. So, don’t forget to check your car thoroughly.

How To Recycle Your Junk Car?

Get the title for your Car

You will need the clear title in your name to sell the car. This is because junk yards never want to take the stolen car and face hassle while dealing with it. It is true that you know that the car belongs to you but the junk yard owners don’t. If you don’t have the title for your car, then order a copy for it before selling.

Take your car to the Junk Yard

Once you have the title and cleaned your car, take it to the salvage yard. If it is not in the condition to take to the junk yard, then ask them to tow your car. When your car has reached the junk yard, their representatives will inspect your car and will give you the final quote for it. If you agree with the price they are offering, then accept it and sign the car title.

After this, junk yard will open your car and take out the useful parts and sell it to the other persons who need those parts at cheap rates. Selling it at the junk yards prove to be beneficial to you as it brings you the good cash for the car lying as the waste in your garage.

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