How To Pack A Garage When Moving

When you’re over your head in packing your belongings to move home, the garage is often the last thing on your mind and usually left as the last room to be cleaned out. It’s quite understandable if you’re putting it off out of sheer terror of all the stuff hoarded up in there, but at some point, you just have to dive in and sort through the mess.

However, putting your garage first on the packing list has its advantages. With some clever planning, packing your garage for the move can be very therapeutic and liberating, especially if you end up with fewer possessions and a thicker wallet. Here are several suggestions for tackling that scary garage for the removal.

How To Pack A Garage When Moving

Organize a garage sale

When the moving time has come and you’ve finally gotten down to sorting out the garage mess, make a decision to get rid of all the things you have no intention of using at your new home. Now, it’s time to do away with all those unused tools, baby strollers and toys and tons of old wardrobe. However, don’t rush to toss them away – have a garage sale. Sell your things to earn some extra cash that can make up for some of the removal costs, and the rest of the things you can donate.

The best way to start is to mark out two sections in your garage: one for the things you’re taking with you and one for those that you don’t need anymore. Tag the ones you wish to sell and donate everything that was left over to your local charity. Take with you only the items in the “keep” section and you’ll end up feeling much lighter on one hand, but also much more fulfilled having donated some of your things to those that really need them.

Get packed with the right supplies

Once you have all your things sorted out, you need the right boxes and supplies to get everything ready for the move. Most of the things kept in the garage are bulky and heavy, so you need sturdy, reusable cardboard boxes in various sizes, bubble-wrap for fragile items, packing tape to strengthen the boxes at the bottom and prevent them from opening, and some sheets or blankets for the largest items.

Make sure all your boxes are correctly packed and well-secured to ensure safe transportation. If you feel you need some help in this aspect, rely on professional help. For example, these removalists servicing Northern Beaches offer well trained and experienced staff, professional equipment and can work closely with you and make up the best plan to make sure all your belongings are transported safely, smoothly and efficiently.

How To Pack A Garage When Moving

Your packing strategy

Starting your packing with a good strategy in mind will make everything much easier. Begin with smaller hand tools and store them safely in your toolbox. Wrap your large garden tools together in a blanket, and all the big power tools should be packed in their boxes with detachable parts removed. The same goes for your bicycles, too. If you can, disassemble your patio furniture, pack the cushions separately and stack the chairs. This will save up a lot of space in the moving vehicle.

Don’t forget to label

In order to avoid playing the memory game at your new house when you try to locate all the things you’ve packed, make sure you label every box. Note down the content of the box and the room it’s going to. Separate the ones you’ll be donating from the ones that are going to your new home, and don’t forget to mark the ones that are fragile. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises later.

Try doing things differently next time you move and you’ll discover the advantages of packing your garage first. It is a time-consuming business, but using the practical tips listed here, you’ll have a great start and learn excellent strategies that you can use on all other rooms, so you can finally enjoy a stress-free move.

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