How to Improve Security At School?

The prevalence of violence in video games and TV can be affect students behaviors in schools. It can be downright scary for many parents to send their children in schools that they don’t know. It is important for both parents and schools to protect students against any act of violence, physically, verbally and emotionally. Friendly environments should be able to foster learning and open communication. Providing trustworthy guards along the hallway could become great investment in ensuring security and safety. Many of these guards are former servicemen or police officers who can maintain order. These guards can be hired permanently by schools and they are also able to perform various functions, such as monitoring troubled students and teaching self defense coursesĀ  to more vulnerable students.

Schools should also have proper security and safety plans, which include access control procedures and policies. Designated individuals should be available in schools for constant monitoring. Windows and doors should be locked at specific times of the day. Any visitor should get appropriate badges and proper identifications should be shown. Any school personnel should be properly knowledgeable about security factors. Depending on the school, special consideration should be taken. Access in specific areas should be restricted only to authorized personnel. All visitors should be allowed to enter through only main corridor or other designated entryways. CCTV should be deployed in school areas and we can achieve this with great success. For schools that have more than 2,000 students, it can be difficult to monitor all areas.

Many parts of the school can be monitored, although there are limited numbers of guards. CCTV can be equipped with motion sensors to quickly detect snooping students. With enough electronic helps, it should be quite easy for schools to enforce their policies. CCTV can also be useful to deal with various sources of conflicts. Any infraction or penalties can be enforced if students are proven to be guilty of something. Sharp objects can be used by bullies to threat others and this has approached criminal activities. Guards could use handheld metal detectors and other methods to prevent the use of potentially dangerous objects. Another method is by having hot-line communication with specific individuals to report bullying incidents anonymously. Emergency crisis plan should be well prepared to deal with any kind of security issue.

Crisis drills should be performed regularly by students, staff and emergency management personel, such as emergency responder, fire and police. Students should also know about their school grounds and they will bne able to respond to real emergency situations. Open communication between students, school personnel and parents could prevent any kind of school violence. Parents may also need to get involved in the planning. Parents and students should be able to share their concerns with school personnel. Students and staff should be encouraged to respond if they see suspicious activities. Everyone should get involved in this situation to allow them achieve good things. Security can be ensured in schools if everyone works together to achieve something.

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