How To Get Fit For The Summer To Play Football

Football is a sport that requires high performance physical ability and endurance. It’s pretty easy to stay away during summer practice, since you do not have the discipline with which you guide your coach. Develops an exercise program to keep you competitive during the holiday season to have more opportunities to be a part of the team in the summer.

A recreational level is possible to play football once or twice a week to get and stay in shape. Once you try the competitive, collegiate, and professional or semi professional football will need to devote one or two hours a day to bring a plan to keep in shape so that you’re ready for the competition season. A typical exercise plan, as a college coach gives players two months before the season started, each day dedicated to a specialized part of the exercise. Do not forget to rest for a day before you go to play a game.

1. Stretch your arms, legs, neck before training. Loose muscles, which have been preheated before starting physical activity, maximize the benefits of your efforts.

2. Design a short distance you can run every day. The stamina is top in football, so you need to run for a long time. Work with your resistance until you can run at least 2 miles without stopping or feeling very exhausted.

3. Perform squats, lunges, pushups and strides twice a week to strengthen leg muscles. This allows you to run faster and kick harder. Begin by doing three sets of 10 repetitions of each exercise, and as you progress during the summer, increases the amount to surpass yourself.

4. Makes five sprinting 100 yards twice a week. Traffic cones placed at both ends of the pitch and runs back and forth between them. Do speeding five times, and tries to run faster each time you do.

5. Run without coming once a week and force your legs to move quickly. Up and down the legs at full speed. Use a stopwatch to count the steps you can take for 10 minutes, and then try to beat your own records.

6. Compete with your mates in a friendly race of 300 yards once a month. Choose those that have good athleticism for a real competition. Train until you can leave them behind and win the race.

7. Play football team with friends. You cannot play football without playing a real game. Contact your teammates and organize a party in the park to participate in a challenge.

8. Drink water before, during and after physical activity to maximize the benefits of exercise. Hydration is essential for your health and for training during the summer because it is too transpires.

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