How to Get an Instant Cash Sale for An Unregistered Car in Melbourne?

Is there a way to sell a car that is not registered? Yes, there is! Unlike days gone past when you could not transfer the title of ownership from the owner to the new owner without the car’s registration, today you can. However, you need to sell the car to a buyer that ensures all the proper paperwork is completed or they will have difficulties transferring its title, which could leave the seller with the liability of the car or truck. Let Cash For Your Cars Melbourne tell you how to sell a car that is not registered and getting instant cash for scrap cars.

Selling A Car That Is Not Registered

Firstly, it is not easy to sell a car that is not registered. The reason is that few buyers want to hassle with transferring the title of an unregistered car. If you don’t know the proper procedure, it feels like it is jumping through hoops. That is where Cash For Your Cars Melbourne comes in. We are legitimate car buyers in Melbourne that know all the paperwork that is needed to smoothly transfer the title of an unregistered vehicle to the new owner. We also provide all the necessary paperwork, so car sellers are assured that they won’t be left with the responsibility of their vehicles.

Selling Your Unregistered Car to Cash For Your Cars Melbourne

Selling your unregistered car to us is simple. We make cash offers for all makes and conditions of cars and trucks. Our appraisers provide offers over the phone and online, so it doesn’t take long to get a quote for your unwanted car or truck from us. And, if you decide that you would like to take us up on our offer, we’ll come to you to buy & remove your vehicle. It is that simple to get your car or truck sold to us. The paperwork is a little more detailed than a simple sales contract as more documentation is needed when buying an unregistered car or truck.

With Cash For Your Cars Melbourne, you can get your unregistered car or truck sold quickly, and for top cash. Just give us a call at the number below or visit our homepage to fill out our online quote form. Both ways to obtain quotes are quick and convenient with no pressure to accept our cash offer.

Get a top cash offer for your unregistered car or truck by calling us at 0410 726 726/ 04 4922 2425.

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