How To Efficiently Organise Your Office Desk Drawers

Constructing an efficient workplace is a huge challenge. It is important that you find the right desk, drawers, computer and lighting in order to work as competently as possible.

Additionally, it is also vital to arrange and organise all these items in an intuitive and easily accessible manner.

Your office desk drawers happen to be the largest storage component. Imagine dumping unnecessary things in it and then finding it difficult to place the important things? This untidiness can get really frustrating, especially when you mis-place your important documents or paperwork.

Hence, it is crucial to organise your office desk drawers and knowing exactly how to arrange your essential items within them can be quite a challenge. To make it simpler for you, we are here with a seven-step process that will help you create an efficient storage unit for your office.

1: Evaluate Your Space

You are the only one to recognise in what way the office desk will be used, whether it is computing, writing, drawing or something entirely different. Hence, start by recognising the tasks the desk and the drawers will be used for. Evaluating the space will give you a more clear idea of how efficiently can it organised.

2: Think Of Your Desk Drawers as a Hierarchy of Importance

Remember this, the closer the desk drawer is to you, the higher its importance will be. Also take it this way, the closer the desk drawer is to your dominant hand, the higher its importance will be.

This will tell you that the items you use on a daily basis are of greater importance and should be the ones going in that drawer. However, this isn’t the case always.

3: Prioritise the Top drawer

Everyone likes to keep the items and tools that are used daily in the top-most compartment. This may include the pens, pencils, staplers, binder clips and index cards. There are few people who also store their wallets and car keys in the top drawer.

We suggest you to be careful and very selective while choosing the items to store in the top drawer. Things can easily get messed up if you think everything is important and of everyday use. Because of this, the junk drawers happen to be the top most drawers in kitchens as well the offices.

4: Carefully Fill the Drawers One by One

One way you can keep your desk drawer well-organised and efficient is by placing items in each drawer one after another. This step depends on individual needs and supplies.

For instance, people usually like to keep their printing papers in one drawer while the stationery products and business cards in another. Few even like to keep their headphones, cables and other computer accessories in another and so on.

What matters is that you are categorising them.

5: Keep Things Organised

Initially you may have everything under control and well organised. But as stuffs start to pile up in your drawers, it is important that you store the things you are less likely to use in euro boxes. They are huge plastic containers used for storage purposes. They are a type of versatile storage trays that come with lids.

If you feel they are too huge for your office, you can also opt of other products that help organising and dividing your drawers. On the other hand, you can also discard few things if you don’t use them anymore such as, unused stationery products and unimportant paperwork.

6: Empty Space Is Good

Honestly, you don’t need to stuffs things in all the available desk drawers. So, if you happen to have some empty space after arranging the drawers, let it be. Since you have organised your desk drawers (although with some empty space), it means you have successfully grouped similar things together.

Giving few of the items from this arrangement a little more space will not break the continuity of your initial step. Otherwise, you can opt to use the empty space later. Suit yourself!

7: Find Your Way

If you happen to have more than one set of drawers, it is always helpful to label them. This makes things easily accessible.

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