How to Create Effective School Websites?

Many schools already have official websites, but they may not be fully effective. There are many components in a website that we should consider. As an example, the About Us page should give a strong overview about our school. This page should be made fully desirable and parents of future students should become intrigued. We need to be creative to ensure that the page is fully unique and interesting. A good website should also contain proper images and excellent layouts. Pictures that we include may show plays, science fairs, sporting events and other activities. There should also be pictures of classrooms, buildings and grounds of the school. Schools may also rent drones to take bird-eye views of the whole ground.

Websites should be able to portray new and unique things. People should be able to get proper visual aspects of the school without visiting it. Another thing to consider is to include faculty and staff directory. This will allow people to interact with staffs more easily. They will have direct access when they want to get specific information. This will make the website more presentable for students. Each school has different admission policy and we should include it in the website. There should be a step by step instruction on how to get students admitted. Things should be spelled out in very clear format and everything should be clearly accessible for both parents and students.

 There should be special sections to let people know what makes the school completely different. There should be qualitative differences that could cause our school to stand out from others. As an example, a school could have great science club or drama program. Great things should be properly showcased on the website. Content and information should show the real benefits of getting admitted into a specific college. Parents will feel more compelled to send their children to a specific school. We should also consider to put school history in the website to get people more familiar with our school. As an example, we could put pictures of the original building and subsequent pictures after numerous improvements and renovations.

Mission statements should be included in websites. We should know about the ideology and philosophy behind a school. Parents should know what motivate and fuel a school. Clear-cut mission statements are essential because parents will know about the thought process behind a school. It means that the school should put more time and effort to create effective statements. Lastly, there should be clear contact information. It could be placed in header or footer, so people will see contact information regardless of where they are in the website. It is also a good idea to create a dedicated contact page to allow people to obtain more complete contact information. The website should include physical address, multiple phone numbers, email address and fax number. Location of the school should be integrated in the any mapping services, so people are able to go there easily.

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