How To Build and Boost Your Business

Building a business can sometimes be a headache. The planning phase may seem easy but it is when one starts to implement the plan that problems arise. At the same time, after building a business, it gets to a point where it stagnates. How do you ensure that you give your business the push it so much deserves to increase your bottom line while expanding your territory?

There are two ways you can do this; one, employ a large number of experts in different fields to help you increase production. Now, that sounds like an expensive plan… because it is! The second option is to employ modern technologies which work seamlessly with your traditional business management systems, to increase productivity. This is a more sound and viable option because besides helping you cut costs, it upgrades your business to a modern entity.

One of the best ways to implement this second option is to use Salesforce. Salesforce, available at, is a simple social enterprise and cloud computing software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider. It has a variety of features and platforms with the most popular one being the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product.


The CRM comprises of Service cloud, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Chatter and and

  • Sales Cloud

This Cloud manages your customers’ contact information while also allowing the integration of social media as well as real time customer collaboration via the Chatter.

  • Marketing Cloud

This one offers a social media monitoring and marketing application called the Radian6.

  • Service Cloud

This consists of a call center-like feature and a social networking plug-in, both of which allow tracking and analysis of conversations.


It offers a social HR (human resource) performance management platform called Rypple.


This is Salesforce’s platform-as-a-service (PaaS) product. It allows the software developers to create and build add-on applications on

These are just a few of Salesforce products with others including AppExchange (a custom app building and sharing platform), in addition to deployment, consulting and training services.

This is a true indication of how powerful this platform is for any business. It offers a way to look through, test and market your business and its products in one platform. A huge advantage to using Salesforce is that it also allows you to continuously integrate this platform with your traditional way of doing business for a combined benefit while phasing out the old business practices that don’t work.

Salesforce continuous integration within a business entity leads to more productivity, reduced input and resource, and an increased bottom line. This is why it is highly recommended that any new or existing business entity requires starting using it immediately.

Remember, if you are not an expert Salesforce developer and do not have time to learn it, ensure that you employ the services of a professional Salesforce expert who is certified. Such an expert will help you with Salesforce continuous integration as long as you need support.


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