How to Begin Cardio Workout for Gym or at Home

Changing the lifestyle could be overwhelming even though you turn into a healthier one. The body will process it as something in unfamiliar and it could react by giving you pain in your body. The adaptation to change the way of your life will need time. Otherwise, you will need to do it little by little.

When you are ready to do some cardio workout into your life, you will need to anticipate the changing in your body and the reaction of the body. For beginners, there are some options which should be done to avoid something bad because your body is the shock of the change. There are some methods for beginner cardio workouts which can be done at the gym or at home.


A 40minute of walking and running workout could be your treadmill starter routine. This is the fastest pace which you could do as a beginner. It could help you reach 5.8 miles for hour. Then, you could do running intervals never top two minutes. Then, you could print out the workout place and take it to the gym.

The 60-minutes workout mixing walking and jogging could be the options. This plan is perfect for the when you are ready to push your endurance. This workout plant will burn close to 300 calories. The workout alternates of this workout between 4 MPH intervals of walking and 5 MPH jogs.

The 50-minutes hill walk is a good plan for a beginner. This workout is never going faster than 4 MPH in this workout. You also could work the incline button. Besides that, adding the elevation works the glutes and hamstrings nicely.


The 20-minute elliptical plan can be your option for the beginner workout. This plan makes for an excellent lunchtime workout. This workout is perfect for beginners and it will get you well-acquainted with the versatility of the machine.

The 35-minute elliptical workout is a great plan for a beginner in doing the cardio in elliptical. This workout is easy on the incline but incorporates the handles to fit in some upper-body conditioning. It can be done along with pedaling backward to work the glutes and hamstrings.

The 60-minute on elliptical can be the workout for your beginner cardio. The workout is tailored for beginners. However, it will push you a little bit when you play with both incline and speed. You also could do all the variations make the hour fly by.

At-Home Cardio

The 10-minute cardio and active stretch session are good for your home cardio workout. You could see the example of the video workout. Then, you will get the blood flowing and the body limber. The heart rate while you rise through the first five minutes of cardio is followed by the five minutes of active stretching.

The 10-minute cardio is the easy workout to be done at home. You could do the hop, skip, jump, and punch. You could go through the quick sweat session.

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