How to apply for your permanent residency in Australia

Australia is one of the emerging countries with many areas of interest. Not only in business and employment generation options, the Australian universities are flourishing in their academic courses as well which has caught the attention of many students from around the globe.

Thus a lot of people are looking for permanent residency Australia. However, the process is not exactly an easy one. Getting permanent residency in any country is not easy and hence you will need to understand the process very intricately in order to make a flawless application which just cannot rejected!

What does permanent residency in Australia mean?

The most important thing that you need to first understand is what exactly permanent residency in Australia mean. For starters once you get the permanent residence status you will be provided one document that will serve as the proof which you will need for various official purposes, especially when travelling from and back to Australia. However a permanent resident status does not give you the citizenship right to Australia. You will be allowed to live in the country as a resident of the country but you will not be granted citizenship until and unless you apply for it. You will also not be able to vote until and unless you become a permanent citizen of the country. Generally you will have to stay in Australia for sometime in order to get citizenship.

Another important thing about the permanent residence status that you should be aware of that it lapses from time to time and hence you will need to renew it from the embassy. If you are found to be guilty on any criminal charges or improper conduct, your residency might get revoked.

The application process

The application process requires a lot of documents. You will need to show them that you are resident of this and this country and you are applying for a permanent residency to Australia. You will have to provide them with proper reason as to why you want to make this shift and you will need to substantiate your claim with relevant documents.

The application process for permanent residency in Australia begins at the Australian embassy or from their online website from where you need to first check the eligibility criteria and then download the online application form. It is always better if you go for an australian permanent residency visa services to guide you through the process so that you do not miss out on anything.

Keep scanned soft copies of your official documents ready at all times since you will need to submit them along with the form.

Do not provide any false information or else your visa application just might get rejected. Do not cite false reasons for your residency application.

If you are about to join a job there or have enrolled in a course at an university, then, show them the documents to prove it at the interview. Prepare well for the interview, since this is the most important step in the entire application process.
Want to make sure that you get your permanent residency status in Australia? These pointers will definitely come in handy in the process.

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