How Not To Be “That Guy” At A Ballgame

Proclaimed to be the America`s national pastime, baseball is “an activity” that has been around for almost two hundred years. It has been adored, and it has evolved and became one of the most watched sports in the United States.

Baseball is the USA national game. Man and woman play this game. Basically, men play baseball and woman plays softball bat. On the demand, men and woman use different types of the baseball bat. Generally, the woman is using the softball bat. Sometimes the kids are using softball bat.

However, crowds of people with different interests, knowledge, professions, and experience, but with one and the same love for the sport itself, gather and spend those lovely moments supporting their team. Fans from all over the country travel to baseball games and bring a great amount of enthusiasm and support for the team and players. But, like every other sport, it has a certain code of behavior that has to be respected and followed thoroughly, or there might be consequences (like ending up in jail).

Don’t Ruin it for the Others

Yes, people did go to jail for breaking a certain set of rules during a baseball match. The latest one, and you have probably heard about it, is the 18 year old boy from New York who run onto the field during a match. This is something that you should never do, for ruining the game for millions of fan, and being that one guy who makes it to the headlines for field-crashing is not a label that you`d want.

Stay Safe

When an at bat is occurring, stay in your seat. It is potentially dangerous to stand up, for you might get a ball in your face, and I assure you that it hurts like hell. Also, many people are focusing on the moment, so don’t get up and don’t make any commotion; everything can wait a few minutes longer, and a break will surely come soon after, just hold on. Some ballparks are already enforcing these rules, but it should be the fans that enforce it.

Don’t Influence the Game

Never interfere with your own player trying to make a catch. There are many souvenirs, and in this case, ball is not one of them!

Waves are a common thing at any ball game. But, try not to be that one person chanting and calling for it. No one likes that guy, for he is annoying and is ruining the moment for hundreds of other fans. Yes, waves can be and probably look cool, but they are distracting. What if they happen at the wrong moment and people miss a very important moment because they were a part of the wave? Just don’t do it; on the other hand, if the wave starts, don’t sit down, respect it, and swing along. This is a bit of a paradox, but hey, I didn’t make the rules.

Support your favorite team, and book the season tickets up front. For example, buy LA Dodgers tickets at the beginning of the season, and you might get be the lucky one to receive a special discount or some extra souvenirs during a particular game. It is always smart to book them up front, so don’t wait, go for it.

Baseball is America`s legacy, and one of the symbols of America. No matter if you are a tourist or someone who lives in the States, you should definitely become a part of the Baseball world.

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