How Much Engine Oil Consumption Should Be Considered as Normal

When it comes to engine oil consumption, every vehicle would have its unique requirement depending upon the level of wear it has. In other words it is commonly assumed that vehicles consume more engine oil as they age. But problem arises, when the oil starts burning, as it can create major damage to the engine like early wearing out of valve stems, seals, guides and piston rings, and all of these result in allowing the oil to seep into the combustion chambers. In a cycle the level of damage would increase if the engine oil gets to enter the combustion chamber, as it will start burning, which can lead to exhaust blue smoke from the vehicle. If that concerns you, check out with this article, how much of burning oil can be considered “normal,” and when to take it seriously, knowing that it is excessive.

How Much Engine Oil Consumption Should Be Considered as Normal

The “Normal” Amount of Oil Burning Is Relative Among Vehicles

As explained by the Tempe Mazda, though oil burning in a car is quite a common problem, the car manufacturers are not vocal enough in guiding the customers or helping them out with this issue. If we search for what is normal oil burning, the results might be confusing as it would differ from one to another. For instance, BMW says that in their vehicles it is normal for the engines to burn a quarter of the oil in a thousand miles while the GM says the range should be one quarter within 2,000 miles in a properly driven and well-maintained vehicle.

The Reason Behind This Difference

The latest car engines are using thinner and lower-viscosity oil, like a 5W20 or 0W20 instead of a 10W30 that was commonly found in the older vehicles. Because of this, the thin oil easily slips off the gaskets, through the seals and rings even if they were slightly worn over time, resulting into the increase of oil consumption.

How to Deal with a Car Burning Oil

If you find excessive smoke gushing out of the tailpipe of your car and it looks bluish in color, it is indicative enough that your car has started burning oil and it is surely not just gasoline. In such situation, you need to give it a thorough check-up, immediately and if the problem persists, go for an in-depth repair work. For more insights take a professional guidance from the

Preventing Oi Leakage and Burning

Due to the diverse kind of oil consumption rate among vehicles, it is hard to understand when it is time to take action upon. The confusion increases if your manufacturer has not said anything in this regard. The only solution to prevent this from happening is conducting a regular check on the oil level and occasionally get it inspected by a professional mechanic for leaks and oil burning. To prevent your car and your family from any risky event, do not ignore even smaller amount of oil leaks and address them before it causes further damage.

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