How Long Should It Take To Hear Back From A Personal Injury Claim?

When you make a claim for personal injury compensation, a process has to be followed by your solicitor. This process includes gathering all evidence, coordinating medical examinations, and communicating with the other party. Unfortunately, most claims are made against insurance companies, who are notoriously slow at getting back to solicitors.

How Long Should It Take To Hear Back From A Personal Injury Claim?

Regardless of that fact, however, most claims are processed within just 6-8 weeks, if they are straightforward or ‘clear cut’ as described in the legal industry. More complicated claims, such as those where liability is difficult to ascertain, may take 8-16 weeks, although you can rest assured that your solicitor will do everything in their power to speed up the process, so that you get the financial compensation you deserve sooner rather than later.

Accident Advice Helpline leading the way

At Accident Advice Helpline, for example, personal injury claims are processed as quickly as possible, following a process that maximises the chances of claim success. Click here to find out more about AAH. Your pay-out amount depends largely on the results of your medical examination, which will be set up by your solicitor. An estimated pay-out will be provided to you, by comparing your injuries to claimants in previously settled cases. This estimated pay-out will then be put to the other party, who will either accept liability or contest it.

Liability and claim value contestation

If liability is contested (which is rare in cases where there is evidence to support your claim), then your solicitor will seek to substantiate evidence, before going back to the other party with the claim. Sometimes, the other party may also choose to contest the claim amount but this is simpler to counter – your solicitor will either demand the same amount with further evidence, or they will lower the amount with your approval for a quick settlement.

Throughout the claims process, your solicitor will be reachable by telephone or email, and you will be provided with updates as and when there are any. These updates aren’t usually very frequent, however, so the periods between speaking to your solicitor will likely be weeks. This is completely normal, however, and you can rest assured that your claim is being handled properly. There will be no sitting around and twiddling thumbs, so to speak.

Claim investigations by ‘the other side’

Another thing to consider is that for same claim types, the other party will want to look into the circumstances of a claim. They will not simply say ‘yes’ to compensation. That is why the need for an experienced solicitor is so high. An experienced solicitor will have played the game many times before, and will know the process insurance companies use. An experienced solicitor will give them everything they need to investigate the claim, to speed up the process and get their client compensation quickly.

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