How Football Can Instill Positive Life Skills -Jonathan Bunge

Football is a popular team sport which millions of people around the world play and watch. The fans of this game love to keep track of the latest news of their favorite football players and teams. However, some of these fans to go the extra mile in promoting the game to children and adolescents. These ardent football enthusiasts emphasize that this team sport teaches many essential life skills that are necessary for leading a healthy and productive life. Jonathan Bunge is one such ardent football fan from Cleveland in Ohio who loves to promote this popular team sport among children.

Like all passionate football fans, Jonathan Bunge never fails to keep himself updated with the latest news of the game and his favorite football team – Cleveland Browns. He is associated with the transport industry and his work takes him to a number of places. However, in his spare time he loves to share his positive thoughts about the game with others along with his experiences while on the road via his blog posts. In spite the fact that he is not much of a writer, you will find most insights on the game are educative and informative. Most of blog posts deal with the positive life skills that children can learn while playing this popular sport.

The most important skill that children learn while playing football is that they are part of a team. Each member of the team has to depend upon each other in order win the game. Not all of the players in the team may have the same physical abilities and skill yet they learn to coordinate with each other to overcome the challenges on the field. The essential communication skill that the children learn while playing this popular game helps them interact with their coworkers later in life.

Jonathan Bunge emphasizes that while playing this game, both children and adolescents learn to take necessary risks in spite of the fact that they might fail. Learning to take risks means that these children are opening themselves to new ideas that may or may not work out. Moreover, this game teaches these children how to cope with disappointment in a positive manner and make necessary changes to improve future decisions. They learn to focus more on their own individual performance rather than the outcome of the game. These children learn to face challenges on the field, overcome all obstacles and accept a win or lose with dignity. The social skills that these children learn while playing football help them to become positive and mature human beings.

Jonathan Bunge’s blog posts gives interesting insights into how football can instill essential social skills into the minds of young children and adolescent while playing the game. These skills help them as they grow up to become independent and responsible citizens. This sport inculcates the skills of hard work and perseverance into young minds. He strongly advocates that parents should encourage their children to play football to become healthier, independent, and socially mature human beings.

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