How Car Safety Features Should Protect Children?

When it comes to car safety, much of the focus is often associated with the use of seat belt. Improper use of safety equipments could mean a huge difference between life and death. Airbags are also designed to save lives and improper use can increase risks. As an example, airbags are less efficient for children and could even be harmful when deployed during an accident.

The internal mechanism of airbags is relatively simple and car owners should be aware of the do’s and don’ts associated with them. Just by spending a little time studying about airbag could really save our lives and other occupants in the car. When the car collides with at least moderate impact, the airbag will deploy completely in just 0.05 seconds.

A significant amount of force is required to counteract collision between occupants and the car’s interior. Ideally, occupants should keep their breastbone at least 10 inches from an airbag module at all times.

How Car Safety Features Should Protect Children

Parents should note that smaller children younger than 12 could be severe risk when sitting in front of the airbag module. Toddlers are too small to sit properly on a regular car and results of impact could be more severe. It is generally better for children to stay on the back, because children could suffer from lesser injuries when their bodies hit the front seat during a collision. In this case, the rear seat shouldn’t be equipped with airbag and rear part of the front seat should be covered with padding.

Parents should know exactly how they can safeguard children from injury inflicted by improper use of airbags. Here are things parents should be aware of when they have airbags installed in the car:

Children younger than 12 should be buckled up comfortably. For added security, newborns must ride in the back with special safety seats. It is also a good idea to use safety belts or booster seats that fit well.

Make sure the safety bag won’t hit the child badly. Any objects in the back shouldn’t be thrown around the interior when the car collides.

Bring another in the back. Even the best-designed safety seat won’t be able to provide the most complete protection. It would also be rather risky if parents are constantly distracted by the children.

Parents need to determine whether their children are big enough to sit in areas protected with airbags. Children should be big enough if they can already fit in the seatbelt properly. It means that the belt should go nicely across their chest and the lap belt rests firmly on their upper thighs. The shoulder belt won’t go across the chest of smaller children and in many cases, it simply holds one of the shoulders or just their neck. This could leave children vulnerable to impacts of deployed airbags and other objects.

However, even if children can wear seatbelt properly, there could still be some risk if they sit too near the airbag. To improve safety, they should sit father away.

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