Hidden secret behind paying a larger amount for a shorter route

Traveling is something most people love. For some, traveling is therapy while others travel for business. Regardless of why, travel is even more enjoyable when it’s in the comforts of business or first class. Before flying, what important pointers should you be aware of? Either you’ll research on your own or you’re going to contact an expert. But beware, not all experts or travel agencies are the same.  Do your homework before you hand over your hard-earned money. You could be disappointed if you overpay and the trip is not as advertised. It is a good idea to save money instead of wasting it, which is easier said than done.

When it comes to airfare, prices can soar during peak times like Christmas, winter break, and other occasions. Robert Laney exposes airline ticketing systems unveiling the secret of how they charge more to certain travelers. For decades, airlines have used discriminatory pricing practices attempting to trick flyers into overpaying. The smartest travelers use the “hidden city ticket” to fly comfortably for less.

Hidden city ticketing is when a traveler purchases a ticket to depart from point A to point C, stopping at the airport of point B, with the intention of finishing the journey at point B instead of completing the journey till point C. The traveler throws the B to C ticket away and saves a bundle. Robert Laney, based in the USA, is an American entrepreneur and author who is also the co-founder of 1st-Air.Net, an online provider of alternative methods of purchasing the business and first-class travel. According to his series, “Involuntary Reroute,” business cabin tickets are often not sold at the initial price asked. Airlines try and trick flyers into overpaying, but just 20% take the bait on average. The other 80% of flyers end up in business/first class using frequent flyer miles, discount fares and hidden city tickets. These are all known as Airline Booking Ploys. Apart from Involuntary Reroute which focuses on the business and first- class fare deception, Laney has also been an author to the series including I-Reroute. For three decades, he has worked in the airlines and aviation industry and his expertise includes the strategic planning, management, airline deception, airline booking ploys, business development and business strategy.

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