Health Benefits Of Olive Oil

Olive Oil is Rich in Healthy Monounsaturated Fats, Rich in anti-inflammatory compounds, antioxidants. Helps to reduce body fat and blood pressure levels, cholesterol, cancer, arthritis. It has been used by mankind for many centuries. Daily Diet with 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil  helps to reduce the risk of heart disease. Contains antiviral, anti-aging properties.

Decreases risk of Heart Disease

The frequent use of olive oil in the diet can reduce the risk of  cardiovascular disease. It helps to lower your blood pressure or prevent inflammation of blood vessels in the body that can protect your heart from strokes. A traditional tree crop of the Mediterranean region. It is very low in acid content.

For better Digestion

It is one of the essential oils that are easily absorbed in the stomach. In this way, it aids digestion and helps eliminate toxins and debris quickly from the body. If you suffer from digestive disorders as ulcers or gastritis, you should know that olive oil has a calming and therapeutic property.

Protects Bones And Lowers The Risk Of Osteoporosis

Olive leaf contains  lot’s health benefits. And helps to fight against the risk of osteoporosis, Especially very important for women.

For Diabetes

Diabetes Is A Disease Of Physical Degeneration. Doctors have found that this oil has miraculous properties for treatment of diabetes. Therefore, it is recommended in diets specific to this disease. Olive oil diet has a  beneficial for controlling  blood sugar levels.

Olive oil for beauty

First of all, it is considered as a beauty oil. It helps you to be healthier and more beautiful every day. Moisturizes and provides elasticity to the skin. One of the best cream or lotion for skin health. Softens the skin, nourishes every cell.

It prevents hair loss and revitalizes

One of the best solution for hair revitalization,  try this oil. Moisturizes, softens and strengthens each hair root, preventing it from falling.

It contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Chronic inflammation is linked to the many diseases. Cancer, cardiovascular disease, metabolic and migraine, arthritis and over weight. One of the best fighters against inflammation, Doctor’s recommended to consume 50 ml of Olive Oil.

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