Hashtags Triumphant In Super Bowl Ads As Facebook Drawls Level With Twitter

Here is the war of social networking behemoths. Rather than picking a side or vouching for your puddle in the fierce Twitter vs Facebook marketing tussle, numerous brands advertising for the super Bowl today preferred neutral hashtag for the purpose. This is another social network which has surprised quite a few. It is certainly amazing to note than more than half of the 53 ads during the game comprised hashtags. As marketing Land’s Danny Sullivan puts is, to make it more appropriate, 58% contained it, which marks an 8% rise from the 2013 series.

In sharp contrast with four different references to Twitter recently show some points. The market feasibility lowered since 26 last year. The five Facebook allusions take the parameters gently up from 4 as compared to its last year’s figures. The humble and congruous hashtag is a fine emblem for brands. They are up for inclusion in commercials since they work on multiple social media avenues or channels. Most importantly, you can enumerate from the figurative details and deduce the scheme of operations. This will help in concluding that advertisers suspect consumers or customers are also likely to initiate their post-advertisement musings or chalking on Facebook just like they do on Twitter. Invariably, they might curb the volume of social references in advertisements and employ the humble hashtag.

As things turn out, Venture Beat provided a survey which deals with the apparatus involving readers and social readers pertaining to the game. Presently, 36% people who took the poll opined they were only using Twitter. Another 24 percent gave their nod towards and loyalty for Facebook in this regard. Another 19 percent added that they were switching both ways. Since only 91 people accounted to this survey, it would be too farfetched to establish anything from the results. However, figures indicate that Twitter is not actually the runaway favorite when it comes to second-screen or social network commentary.

The prime reason that can well dampen Twitter’s prospects for becoming a clear favorite for pervasive, wholesome discussion of live events is the Facebook inferences. The latter has been making ceaseless efforts to appeal to different broadcasters for the introduction of new content and features that keep users hooked to it, or engaged none the less. However, the thrilling match between Seahawks and Broncos might be over, and the latter might have derived a crucial point, the intense impasse between Twitter and Facebook is set for a long-pitched turf battle.

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