Hairstyles and Swimsuits – A Fashionable Combination

Last week during the height of her vacation my daughter decided we had to go to the beach for a weekend holiday.  She and her classmate from college invited my wife and I to come along with them when they rented an oceanfront cabin on the seacoast for a long weekend.  And it was during this escapade that I learned there is an unusual interface that exists between women, salt water, hair, bathing suits and beach sand….something the average male cannot understand or comprehend even if his life depends upon it.

In the first place, we all know that a woman will spend as much time on her hair as the average guy might spend keeping track of finances.  Fortunately, my wife and daughter are both wise enough to take advantage of the Groupons coupons they found that offer great reductions off of the list price for major hair treatments.  They recently got more than 60% off Keratin smoothing treatments.

What makes it a little hard to understand is why such effort and time is expended when you know full well the hair and body are soon to come into contact with salt water, ocean air, sand and bright sunlight for prolonged periods of time.  So we find ladies spending much time and effort having their hair done before going to the beach, only to immediately have the whole process done over as soon as they return from the 2-3 days spent at the beach.  But with the Groupon savings they realize at the click of an app on their phones, they save so much it’s like getting a two-for-one deal.

Both my daughter’s current companion and I were able to breath a bit easier with the knowledge that our ladies were able to have their hair done at a price that didn’t even total to what they might have spent ordinarily for the work done both before and after our pleasant holiday at the seashore.

And while they were having their hair done at the beauty salon after our return, her friend and I managed to clean and fillet some beautiful fresh-caught sea bass, so we could treat the ladies to a seafood dinner and wine beneath a real harvest moon.  So I guess that while we may not understand the entire process, we certainly enjoyed the benefits.

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