Good News – Games Affect Kids In A Good Way

Real life games are trending to have a good influence on people and helps in improving the functionality of the brain. Gone are the days when amusement parks and the real life games in those parks were designed for the sole purpose of entertainment. Thankfully, real life games crafted these days are a lot more conscious and have taken up the responsibility of educating people dwelling from all walks of life.

  • Escape Games Encourage Planning and Strategising – There are plenty of games that require the player to not just think but strategise an escape route. Not just strategy making but effective execution of the strategy is also important within the stipulated short time frame. All this needs a lot of planning and in turn helps people to develop their thinking skills and sharpen their grey matter. Thanks to technology, game designers have shown an interest in designing real life escape game which would help people feel the game for real while they play it.
  • Games Tend to Develop an Inclination towards History and Culture – Mostly all the recent games give a mythological story to grab their attention and spice up the game. Through this brief introduction, not just are the kids getting more intrigued to play the game, but even the adults get a good opportunity to freshen up their knowledge on the same. So the games not just satisfy you for the sake of entertainment, but they also help in educating or refreshing the knowledge.
  • Kids Develop a Healthy Mind with Analytical Skills – Escape games allow you to play the game in small teams. Analysing your team members and who will suit in what is important even before the game begins. This implies that the analytical skills of the people playing the game will improve. That’s not all, the ability to work together and in a team will help people to learn how to act efficiently when running on a deadline. In case of the escape games, the deadline is the 60 minutes window you get to play and win the game.
  • Games Teach Kids to be Successful Leaders of Tomorrow – The escape games are all about being stuck in a room filled with puzzles, riddles and quizzes. The trick is to solve all of them and pave your escape route within 60 minutes. Playing this game with 3 to 6 players allow people to work perfectly and in sync with their team members. So working well in a team and the leadership qualities that come out help people to be fantastic leaders in real life too.
  • Problem Solving Habits and Creative Traits are Developed– Several escape room games are designed encouraging people to be as creative as possible when it comes to solving the quizzes and riddles fast. Each game creates the situation of being locked and you need to solve it accordingly. So people get the opportunity to sharpen their intelligence quotient. Brushing up on your intelligence help people in life as well.

These are the 5 most common traits that help people just by playing the games that they love or are addicted to.

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