Go On Treat Yourself – You Deserve It

It’s coming up to the Christmas period, the cold weathers already hit the majority of us, waking up to frost on the ground and having to tuck up really tight in your bed covers not wanting to move when your morning alarm sounds, but imagine if you had a prestige car in your drive it would all be worth it. Being able to drive in style, comfort and class is appealing to many, but unfortunately due to a little thing called money often not available, or is it?

Most people hire vehicles to get from A to B, they pick your standard cheap Vauxhall Corsa book it in quickly and it gets the job done with minimal hassle, but it’s not for the experience, so why don’t you go for something that bit better over winter? Something a bit more… worth getting out of bed for? There are hundreds of prestige cars available all across the world with a wide range to choose from and at a surprisingly affordable price too given that you get the right deal as there are certain companies that offer a considerably better price than others.

So what’s on offer you ask? Well it would be impossible to write about all the prestige car hire fleet as there’s just so many to choose from, there are a wide range of sizes, models etc. but here are some of my personal favorites…

Go On Treat Yourself – You Deserve It

Mercedes E Class

The E Class range gives you a real sophisticated business man feel, with a tad bit of power. The E class has a perfect drive and is the top end of the luxury scale. There often highly requested no matter where you are located so book them well in advance.

Go On Treat Yourself – You Deserve It

BMW 3 Series

The strong powerhouse that is the BMW 3 series, fantastic interior design and a mean exterior. The fast and efficient car is great, you will never have another experience like it, the car is also noted for its fantastic handling and poise.

Go On Treat Yourself – You Deserve It

Bentley Continental Flying Spur

What more to say than it’s a Bentley, and one of the best at that. It has the typical white leather interior, the continental flying spur is the result of 50+ years of perfecting the first continental. Hiring one will make you want to get your hands on one, that’s until you see the price tag however.

Go On Treat Yourself – You Deserve It

Jaguar XJ

A British produced executive sports car, a replacement for the S Type. The new facelift has given the Jaguar a great look and on top of that, the Jaguar is true perfection, oh and it’s quite powerful too ranging all the way to the 3.0 V6 engine.

Go On Treat Yourself – You Deserve It

Mercedes CLS

The CLS series is an executive size sedan based upon that of an E class, it comes with all the latest techy equipment as Mercedes always seem to sport something new and exciting with their new models. It’s your typical luxury car perfect for anything you need it for, bar of course off road.

There are several luxury cars available this winter period, you should really consider treating yourself as it doesn’t cost as much as you would think. Maybe you can test a car before buying it if you are one of the lucky few who can get their hands on some of these vehicles, or you could possibly even hire the car for someone as a Christmas present. You better book fast however because luxury cars tend to be in high demand during the winter period as there are several people out there that enjoy a little cheer up.

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