You must be very positive and confident that your products are capable of taking over the market with a sweep. It is just a matter of launching and your products can capture the fancy of potential customers. But, you need to display those properly and attractively in order to make people notice what you are offering. Hence, determining how you are going to display them is a vital decision you have to make. Setting up a display that not only draws attention and generates interest, but also inspires people to visit the store is the prime purpose of putting up a display. To do this effectively, you need to first decide on the kind of material you want to build your display with.

Usually, there are two materials that compete against each other to find preference in the market. These are glass and acrylic. No matter what kind of display you are planning to have, either of the two can successfully serve the purpose. However, the question arises that which one is to be preferred over the other, as both have got their share of advantages and disadvantages. Since, it is better to make an informed choice, let us go through the pros and cons of using glass or acrylic display cases & cubes.

Call it classic and outright appealing, glass displays feature top on the list. There can be no doubt about the vintage charm of a glass case that showcases a product in sleek manner. With unencumbered lines of the glass area, a visual treat is ensured. However, there are more downsides to this than upsides. Being fragile in nature, glass has an innate tendency to break, if hit upon accidentally. So if you select a glass display, you need to be extremely careful in handling it. In case the display cube or case drops or receives blows, you would have to consider purchasing a replacement. This option can neither be worked upon nor fixed in any way; replacement is the only answer.

On the other hand, acrylic display cases and cubes are resin-based thermoplastic that are strong enough not to shatter into tiny pieces once it is broken. Even if it smashes, acrylic would not create a risky mess that glass would in similar situation. Therefore, it can provide long-lasting service to you in terms of breakability. However, acrylic being very easy to gouge, can bow out over time. As opposed to this, glass remains more rigid and can serve long as well, unless it meets any accident.

Acrylic display cases are generally lightweight when compared to glass, and are considered to be ideal option for walls that are not supportive enough, owing to wear and tear over years. Moreover, acrylic is optically clearer than glass. Since, it is not heavily tinted as glass you can exhibit your products in visibly clearer cases, if you go for this option. In addition to this, acrylic display cases are resistant to many elements. These include sunlight, snow, rain, some chemicals and pollutants. The major reason behind this incredible feature is that acrylic displays cases or cubes can be UV bonded or Solvent welded.

UV bonding means use of acrylic adhesives for the display cases, which becomes hard when exposed to UV light. Sounds impressive, isn’t it? However, no matter how impressive it may sound, UV bonding is not the strongest method of joining acrylic. Another substitute, in this regard, is Solvent Welding. It is a process of welding together pieces of acrylic to make a virtually unbreakable joint. This method ensures stronger hold of various lines of the acrylic display cases. Finally, acrylic display cases come at much lower prices than glass. So, all these features and at great low rates; what more could you ask for?

Judging from the above discussion, it is evident that acrylic display cases and cubes seem to be a better material alternative to glass. Thus, choose the size, dimension, and category of acrylic display cases and cubes that suit your products and store particularly and proceed to place an order. This way you can rest assured that your competent new products are launched in grand way; offering perfect promotion it requires to draw more people to your store than you ever imagined.

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