Get Back To Tradition This Christmas With A Lincoln Continental

Christmas is quickly approaching and it’s often a time of year that stirs up memories of childhood. Do you remember the feeling of climbing into your grandfather’s Lincoln Continental – the spacious cabin, the leather seats, the wood trim, the calm hum inside that seemed so unlike driving in anything else? Whether you were driving to the ski chalet or up to just to see the Christmas lights downtown, there was something special about those trips in the Continental. The Continental had a quiet confidence; you could tell that the man driving it had worked hard and didn’t feel the need to show off, but still enjoyed the finer things he’d earned in life.

Get Back To Tradition This Christmas With A Lincoln Continental

Since the earliest days, the Lincoln Continental was all about class. In 1961, the Continental broke the design game set by GM, which had car makers changing designs just to keep up with the competitors. The 1961 Continental almost immediately put an end to the fins-and-chrome look that Cadillac made famous. The simple elegance of the Lincoln Continental and its new paradigm, one where tradition, comfort, and class were more important than flashy design, cemented its reputation for decades, even becoming the presidential car of the Kennedy era.

If this Christmas has you remembering those childhood rides in the lap of luxury, it might be time to think about driving a Lincoln Continental of your own. After the nameplate disappeared from the Lincoln line up in 2002, it was resurrected in 2017 to critical acclaim. Driving critics agreed that the 2017 Lincoln Continental finally lived up to its legendary name, and 2018 has even brought further improvements to the cabin with some technology updates.

With the Lincoln brand, you expect luxury and comfort, and that’s exactly what you should expect from your dealership, too. A luxury car demands luxury customer service from the dealership. In the Greater Toronto Area, one Brampton Lincoln dealership is worth checking out: Colony Lincoln. They’ve been in the city for over 45 years, family-owned since the beginning. What better way to shop for a Lincoln Continental than with a dealer that understands the nameplate’s history and the value of tradition.

You can also get a great deal on a used Lincoln by heading to a Brampton Lincoln dealership. Besides the Continental, Lincoln is also known for its MKC, MKZ, and MKX, all of which are readily available as certified pre owned Lincolns in Brampton, even 2017 models, at the right dealership. Certified pre-owned vehicles are off-lease vehicles that have gone through a thorough inspection and come with many of the same perks and security that new vehicles do. Look for 2017 certified pre-owned Lincolns at dealerships like Colony Lincoln to save on practically new vehicles. Lincoln is a brand that’s earned its reputation by standing its ground, staking a claim on good, traditional design and comfort. Don’t be afraid to break from the crowd; if you like Lincoln design, drive it.

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