Gambling World: Most Famous Names and Countries

A lot of people disapprove gambling and think of it as s harmful addiction, but at the same time, online gambling can help you to relax after the work, and no one has to play with real money. The whle point is to take one’s mind away from the daily routine. Apart from purely entertaining role, online gambling allows people to win real money and enjoy some generous bonuses and attractive promotions.

Today, most of us would prefer online gambling due to its convenience, various payment options, and quick money withdrawing features. The main benefit is that you can play from any place. This online business has the fastest growing market with huge profits. Still, land based casinos continue to attract old fashioned players. Gamblers from previous generation may not be as proficient as today’s youth in Australian online pokies real money gaming, but they managed to win and lose millions and become world’s best-known gamblers. Among these fearless gamblers we have Kerry Packer who loved spending insane amounts of money playing blackjack. Rumour has it that he once wagered $25 millions playing roulette and lost all of it.

Next name on our list is Zhenli Ye Gon from Shanghai. This Chinese-Mexican businessman was a regular guest at Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and even received a gift – Rolls Royce. Terrance Watanabe is also known for his loss of $127 million at the table in 2009 while gambling in Las Vegas.

Akio Kashiwagi is known to have spent gigantic amounts of money playing at Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos. In 1990’s he lost $10 million. The last name in our millionaires list is Fouad al-Zayat, Syrian businessman lost over $37.5 million while gambling in London casino for 12 years.

Top games favoured by millionaires include baccarat and blackjack, roulette and numerous types of poker.  All these games are available for every online gambler, and you don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy them.

Countries that Lost the Most

We all know the most famous gambling countries. Among them are Australia, USA, Spain, Greece, China and many more. We all want to believe in happy ending, but in most cases the casino always wins. Here are countries that “lost” the most.

-Spain has an average annual loss of $418 per person;

-Greece with $420 in annual losses per person. This further worsens countries existing economic difficulties;

-Norway with $448 in annual losses per person. Gambling is mostly illegal here and existing market is closely monitored and represented by only two companies – Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto;

-Italy has lost $517 in annual losses per person

-Ireland – $588;

-Singapore – $1, 174 in annual losses per person, and, finally the winner is –

-Australia – $1, 288 in annual losses per person, country that has such great diversity of online casinos loves losing as much as winning.

Sure, gambling can be profitable, but it can also incur sever losses on your wallet. Always think before you decide to tackle with Lady Luck!

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