Galuku is Fixing the Crippling State of The Environment

The state of the environment is rapidly depleting across the world and it’s no surprise. There’s a huge demographic in every population that has no consideration when it comes to polluting the environment. There is a smaller demographic that although advocates for the safekeeping of the environment, does nothing to actually keep it free from pollution. The smallest percentage of people are the ones that actually care enough about how toxic human activities have sent Earth to its knees, and soon enough to the point of no return.
A study showed that the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has become a behemoth. There are 3 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions at present and in order to combat that, trees need to be planted on 1.7 billion acres of land which is equivalent to the size of the contiguous United States. The number of trees present globally cannot soak in the carbon emissions that quadruple every day. If this doesn’t happen, the Earth’s temperature will increase by 3.6-degree Fahrenheit which will lead to extreme storms, crippling droughts and other natural calamities.

Galuku is one such firm amidst this polluted world that is actively researching and creating groundbreaking products that massively reduce pollution. The primary component that they have based their products upon is coconut husk because of the immense benefits it has.

One such product is Galuku’s Latex Weed Mat which is helping farmers globally to reduce the cost that hand weeding brings and to keep their plants in fabulous condition. The mat is created from organic coconut fibers and natural latex. These OMRI-listed mats work perfectly for almost all vine, tree and shrub crops. The main purpose of these latex weed mats is to reduce evaporation and extend the time between watering. This will curb the loss of fertilizer and steer past the build-up of surface salts.

The second product amongst the many that Galuku provides is the erosion control blanket. It’s something that’s so rustic but extremely beneficial and environment-friendly. The blanket is completely made of natural coir fiber and is supported by a PP net and PP thread. They are an environmentally sustainable product used for erosion control applications, landscaping and weed control.

As well as reducing or eliminating the need for hand weeding, they help prevent wind-borne weeds from growing. They also even out the soil temperature for surface roots – keeping them cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Galuku sets a huge example for industries all over the world that when there’s a will there’s a way. If you have the innate sense of the crippling state of the environment you live in, you will naturally have an urge to fix it. Every small effort counts and here Galuku is spending thousands and millions to get their products into international markets so that artificial means of sustaining horticulture are abolished. They are also going to bring out a line of environment-friendly skincare products.



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