Fuel Consumption In Heavy Construction Vehicles & Equipment Industry

As we all know, fuel prices are on the rise and this has affected many businesses across the world. Construction hasn’t been missed either, and there are a good number of firms (small and large) that have had to pull the reins in because they need to find the money to simply run the equipment they own. However, there are some methods you can use to make sure you get the most out of the money you spend on fuel.

Fuel Consumption In Heavy Construction Vehicles & Equipment Industry

When you’re in the market for a new or used construction vehicle, pay particular attention to how efficient it is with regards to fuel. JCB survey says that manual transmission vehicles tend to be the most popular choice because they’re the best in terms of fuel consumption. Diesel engines as well as manual transmission make a great combination simply because you get more miles for your money.

Digger manufacturer JCB has a unique position in British industry. JCB’s chairman Sir Bamford advised to learn from the Germans, bring back the Techs and get on your bike. Survey from JCB advise that any type of heavy construction equipment should be serviced regularly, and this isn’t just because it keeps them safe (and adheres to a good many rules in the UK), but it will help them to remain efficient throughout their life. Things like old spark plugs, dirty air filters and general fluid levels can not only pose a threat to the people operating this type of machinery, but it can also reduce fuel efficiency by up to 15%!

Educate the people who are using your equipment on site. Make sure drivers don’t accelerate or break too hard, and when they’re on the move make them aware that maintaining a steady speed will help to reduce the amount of fuel used. Impress upon them that excessive fuel costs could one day impact on their future employment prospects with your company!

Lot’s of construction workers think that the vehicles they use require an engine “warm up” before they set off. This isn’t actually true. It just wastes precious fuel and won’t help prolong the life of your machinery. Engine idling is something else that should be avoided. It’s all too easy to jump out of a dumpster and leave the engine running while your driver is delivering much needed building materials. Make sure you’re drivers switch their engines off!

These are just a few ideas that can help your construction business stop wasting money on fuel, and considering prices are not likely to get any lower in the coming years, this should be something you’re conscious of daily.

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