Food Prices 2017: Go to Buy Food in Portugal!

The Western part of continental Europe is Portugal, being on the border of Spain and Atlantic Ocean. Millions of tourists come here every year to have beach attraction, nice swimming and sun bathes. What is more, you can admire the Middle Aged castles and other architectural monuments. There is one more attraction – local cuisine that came from the deep of years. The food prices in Portugal can be easily compared with any other Mediterranean resort. You can have a budget dinner or visit lux restaurant every day.

Portuguese Food Culture

You can speak a lot about Portuguese cuisine and local food traditions. The country us surrounded by ocean. This means that fish and seafood are met in every seafood restaurant. By the way, it is not difficult to find a god restaurant, offering local delicacies and dishes from different countries. It is also worth saying that food is good quality and restaurants are kept in a good order.

grilled sardines with wild sauteed spinach, grilled tomatoes, olives lemon zest and fried potatoes

Best Places to Eat in Portugal

People of different budget come to visit Portugal. All tourists can find the restaurant or cafe according to their taste and money. The local culinary specialists prepare national dishes for restaurants of different class. There is also an opportunity to organize budget meals in one of many road-side cafes. You meet them at every step. It is not only about Lisbon but all big Portuguese cities. You may easily hire a car in Faro and make stop in the road-side cafe to taste cheap but substantial meal, mostly seafood.

So, first of all, pay attention to local restaurants and cafes for tourists. You have to overpay. Thus, the price for dinner can be 25-30 EUR. Traditionally, your dinner will be completed with a bottle of wine and snacks like olives, cheese or jamon that you have not ordered. This is not a free feast – you will pay at the end.

How Much Is It?

The prices for food in Portugal are different. They are different depending on what region you visit. If you are in the city center or seaside, where the tourists used to go, the prices are maximally high. You can step aside from the touristic route and find cheaper proposals. For example, you can order two portions of grilled chicken and potato with salad and bread for 14 EUR. You can also order wine or beer. In the cafe you may try the local popular dish – bacalhau or salty cods with potato and other vegetables. It costs for 3 EUR. It is usually more expensive than other fish dishes in Portugal.

It is time to speak about the fast food restaurants. They are mostly popular for tourists. The restaurants of this kind are well-developed and attractive mostly for tourists. The standard meal in McDonalds costs for 4-5 EUR. If you are impressive traveller, you should visit local fast food cafes. They are situated all over the country. You must try grilled fish and hot buns with different fillers. It usually costs for 1,5-2 EUR.

Nevertheless, you make decision about where to eat on your own. As you can see, the food price depends on many factors. Thus, you can pay different prices for the same dish in different city districts. It is mostly about Lisbon – capital of Portugal. The city needs to describe food specific clearly. So, welcome to Lisbon! How cheap is the food in the Portuguese capital?

Restaurant (Vestigius) interior

Buy Food in Lisbon

The capital of Portugal has the same gastronomy rules as they are in the rest of the cities. Actually, they are as old as the sea. The touristic regions offer more expensive food. It is much cheaper to come to eat in the restaurants where the locals used to come for dinner. The food quality is high. There is no difference between cheap and expensive food. So, why do not you overpay? The touristic places of Lisbon are situated in the heart of the city. Looking for cheap food, you should go far from the city center. The price here is 10-15 EUR. The minimum price for the same food for tourist is 25 EYR. Do you feel the difference?

What are the most popular touristic places to eat in Lisbon? They used to go to Asian cafes with ethnic cuisine. The price for dinned here is 10-15 EUR. You will never pass by the aromatic cods or grilled sardines. The assortment of fast food dishes is also impressive. You spend 1-2 EUR to feel better and continue travelling. There is no special place to come for dinner. Everyone can find the place according to budget and taste. Actually, there is always a chance to cook on your own!

Street Food Festival

Supermarket Food

Go to the supermarket! Local food shops are amazing! Are you afraid of damaged or expired food? You will never meet food of this category in the Portuguese supermarkets. There is an opportunity to save money by buying food that will be expired in a couple of days. It is really cheap. If you are interested, you can find special place in the shop for such a purchase. There are several supermarket chains in the Lisbon. The best visited of them are El Corte Ingles and Pingo Doce. This is a favorable place for sales and attractive promotions. Thus, you can buy beef for 25% sale or even cheaper.

So, how much is the food in Portugal? It is difficult to say for sure. You can meet the results of research works that inform you about the prices for food in the city and in the country. Thus, the Portuguese like beef. You can buy it in the supermarket for 7-8 EUR. The price for chicken is 6 EUR. This is also a popular price for the turkey breast. The price for pork is from 5 EUR, octopus meat costs 7-10 EUR and 2-3 EUR for mussels. You can find cheap sausages for 4-6 EUR, cheese for 5 EUR, dozens of eggs is for 2 EUR. The price for fruits is 2-3 EUR, vegetables for 0,5-2 EUR. The cheapest bread costs for 0,8 EUR.

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