FIFA World Cup Bigger Than Oscars On Facebook

Facebook has been the ever known networking site throughout the world. The Facebook is one of the best social networking sites all over the globe. The users can share their words by using the networking site one of the face books. The person Mark Zuckerberg was launched this Facebook in the year 2004 on February 4. The Face book established the Zuckerberg with his college roommates.

The Facebook is used for the users to convey their important details through the message. There are one billion users registered in the Facebook by the end of the year 2012. In that registered members 9 percent were fake users. In the year 2012, the Facebook was adding data of peabyte to the every 24 hours. There are totally 180 petabytes were added to each year.

In the FIFA World cup the first match was held between the Brazil and Croatia. And this is the opening match for the world cup in this year. In that match the Brazil beats Croatia with 3-1 points over head. The Brazil wins this match with the reasonable points over the Croatia on Thursday. While match the Facebook has been received the 58 million posts in the network. There are roundly 58 million messages are tweeted by the users in the Facebook. This is the five times higher than the ceremonial awards in this year. This is one of the greatest ceremonies for the Hollywood in this year. All these words are said by the company of social media on Friday.

The Neymar’s first goal has been received the so many comments on the Face Book. There are lots of messages are spread out on the Facebook by the first goal of Neymar’s. The first goal took down the Brazil in the best position and while embarrassing the Brazil this goal gets the relief. This goal was taken the match in the Brazil side. And the other thing was discussed in this match that, the second goal was done by the Neymar’s. This goal takes the Brazils win for the first time of the match. The Neymar’s second goal is place the Brazil in the lead in the initial stage.

Because of this 16 million posts on the Facebook, the Brazil is virtually participating country in the Facebook as like the other countries where the United States and England. The Brazil takes on the most of the posts for this world cup similar to the nations United States and England.

As per the statement of the Face Book said that, “these messages are shown in the stamina of all the stadiums of the world cup higher than the 20 times. And also these posts represent the capacity of the World cup to the number times.

And also the face book said that, the world cup is one of the high businesses offers of the companies like Facebook. This is the greatest opportunity for all social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. While playing the match, a lot of fans were sharing their comments on Facebook. The most watching full groups during the match was men in between 18 and 24 years old. And the opening matches participant should there start with 18 years old.

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