Facebook Upsets Makers Of Original ‘Paper’ App

While it is authoritative all the appropriate noises, Facebook’s account aggregator app, Paper, seems to be accepting a atom of bother with its name. When Facebook absitively to absolution the app on iOS first, it conceivably forgot to accede the actuality that there already existed a rather widely-loved app alleged Paper for iPad in the App Store.

As things now stand, an angered FiftyThree has filed to cast “Paper”. TechCrunch sported the filing in the US Patent and Cast Office. The cast was filed on January 30, the actual day Facebook appear that it was to absolution an app alleged Paper. FiftyThree had beforehand trademarked “Paper by FiftyThree” but not “Paper”, acknowledgment to which Facebook saw a adventitious and leaped at it.

In an accessible letter to Facebook, FiftyThree’s Co-Founder and CEO, Georg Petschnigg, wrote about activity up adjoin Facebook, as far as the action for the name “Paper” goes. He explained the origins of the aggregation and how it congenital Paper, a abstraction app, to be Apple’s iPad App of the Year for 2012. The appliance boasts of 100 actor users common too.

Facebook Upsets Makers Of Original 'Paper' App

Petschnigg explained how Facebook ablution its own app called Paper had acquired abashing amidst its absolute user base. “There’s a simple fix here. We anticipate Facebook can administer the aforementioned amount of anticipation they put into the app into architecture a cast name of their own. An app about belief shouldn’t alpha with addition else’s story. Facebook should stop application our cast name,” he wrote.

Facebook has reportedly asleep the anticipation of alteration the name or authoritative modifications to it and has appear Paper for iOS on the eve of its 10th birthday. Whether this altercate will accept an accordant adjustment is yet to be seen, alike admitting it’s absolutely accessible that a big aggregation like Facebook could end up accepting the high duke adjoin FiftyThree.

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