F1 Singapore – Action Begins Now

Moving with the speed of light and entertaining you? Can you tell us what we are trying to tell here? Yup, you guessed it right. Its F1 Race Singapore.

This time will be different and the reason can be the most beautiful circuit in Singapore, the Marina Bay Circuit that will have the basic infrastructure to support racing under the lights. And, yea this sounds awesome and we want you to buy the F1 Singapore race right now! There are two reasons to get the ticket. The first reason is already mentioned, i.e., racing under the lights and the other is that every event that is held in Singapore has always been sold out! So, there is no reason to not buy a ticket so grab your tickets now!

And, if you are thinking of watching the show from TV, then you are missing the most amazing experience ever in you life. The lights of the car look amazing at speed, leaving behind a trial that can bring the best of the experiences in your life.

The history of Singapore and F1 racing is vivid and interesting. The first race held in 161 under the name of the Orient Year Grand Prix. Later it was renamed as Malaysian Grand Prix and after the independence of Singapore, it is renamed as Singapore Grand Prix.

Until now, there are 15 instances of race and every race has been cheered by the crowd. Become the part of the crowd and enjoy night racing for the first time. Every time the event has happened, it brought new revenue opportunities to the government and the people.

The event will also have performances from the greatest Maronn 5 and Pharrall Williams. The event will be a blast by these amazing performance. Last seasons saw the performance of Big Bang, Jennifer Lopez, Rihhanna, Justin Beiber and others. All this performance made the audience grasp for air as their lungs were filled with experience that they have never felt or seen. This year performance is in the hands of the greatest Maronn 5, a team that have won many hearts with their albums and songs.

The past history of winners have impacted on how we see Singapore Grand Prix. Graeme Lawerence in 1970s and Sebastian Vettel in 2011 – 2013 made huge impact winning the title three times in their career. Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton also won the title twice each in their career. From the viewpoint of Constructors, RedBull remains at top winning the event 3 times, closely followed by McLaren and Ferrari, each two time winner.

There are many sponsors associated with the race. The current sponsor are Singapore Airlines.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your ticket now and join one of the best race in the history of Grand Prix.

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