Exercise Bike and Its Benefits

You are probably thinking about having an exercise bike at home and yet you aren’t sure that it is the best device that you are looking for. Don’t worry; a lot of people share the same feeling. Most of them think that the stationary bike won’t help them with anything. After all, the bike is stationary and not moving, so how come you expect something great from it? You will be surprised of the great benefits such exercise bike can deliver to you.

Healthy Heart

Do you know that moderate biking exercise for around 150 minutes per week can improve your cardiovascular health? If you want to cut the time, simply increase the speed and you only need to do 75 minutes per week to maintain a healthy heart. If you want to achieve a satisfying result, you should aim to cycle for around 10 miles per hour (or even faster).

Lower the Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

When you do a regular exercise on the bike, you can reduce the cholesterol level as well as the blood pressure. When you do, you can reduce the possibility of heart attack and stroke. You can do a regular 120 minutes of cycling activity per week so you can enjoy this benefit.

Healthy Weight

Cycling helps you to burn calories but then again, it depends on the duration and your cycling efforts. If you are cycling with light effort, you can burn around 150 to 170 calories. If you increase the effort to moderate, the calorie burnt can reach 240 calories. Cycling is great when you want to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. If you want to stay burning calories even after you stop pedaling, it is better to alternate your cycling method. Combine fast and slow and fast system to gain a satisfying outcome.

Interval Exercise Is Great

Another benefit of exercise bike is the flexibility. You can have your own interval exercise even if you are not a true fan. Cycle as fast as you can and then follow it with slow intervals. Do the cycle again and again so you can enjoy the greater result. This interval exercise is great because you don’t feel forced or pushed – well, at least not too hard.

A Gentle Exercise for Joints

Yes, the cycling movement is continuous and yet it is also smooth and soft. Although such exercise is considered as the low impact routine, it still delivers good benefits and outcome. Not to mention that your joints will be thankful to you. When compared to jumping rope or running, cycling is definitely smoother and softer. You can even enjoy greater results if you want to consider combining the high and low impact exercises. If you have had your own high impact exercise, cycling on this bike can provide a good low impact alternative.

Easy Usage

Most exercise bikes today are very easy to use. They are equipped with high-end features and technologies that can help you keep track of your performance and progress. Most of them have user-friendly features so you can always operate the bike easily.

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