Exclusive Interview With Vijay, One Of Blogabet’s Best Tipster

We’ve been trying to get to him for a while. Thanks to few connections with people from bookmaking business we were able to convince the tipster to answer few questions.

How did you get into life as a betting tipster?

You will be shocked to hear, that am from a country, where people can’t even understand, what’s mean by a tipster. My friends and family look at me like an alien, whenever I say, that am a successful Tipster. But I just love being a tipster. You know, it’s a beautiful feel, whenever you make a bold prediction and it comes true. I watch lot of cricket and it all started with fantasy cricket, way back in 2006. Be it Zapak, Cricketnext, Cricketinc, Dream11, Sify, Starsports, Cricinfo Fantasy Cricket, I won everywhere. Maybe it’s an inborn talent. I wanted to take it to the next level and got into sports trading via Betfair. Even though, I made money at will there, I had issues in managing funds, since betting is restricted in India. So, while looking at options, I decided to become a tipster, in which, I just share my knowledge, insights and get paid for the same. Started my career as a tipster in Blogabet. But Blogabet is totally European centric. Most tipsters out there, are football, tennis and US Sports tipsters. People can’t even understand what’s cricket. But that worked in my advantage. Am the only Paid Cricket Tipster there. I literally had no competition and coupled with my unconventional yet highly consistent style, made me hugely popular and brought in loads of clients

Why did you specialize in Cricket?

intex-cloud-swift_20160628_144132Because i don’t know any other sports. Lol. It’s the love for the game. I just love cricket. I watch all kind of cricket, be in Under19, Women’s, T20 leagues all over the world, County Cricket, even follow Chinese and Japanese cricket and I know almost all the players and how they play. It’s the knowledge and the decision making and Cricket is a highly complicated game. Even the pitch and Conditions decides the match. Say in Asian pitches, there is literally no grass, no swing and no seam movement. But it does reverse swing, once the ball gets old and it always turns. It will be a slow turn / Square, sharp turn depend on black / red soil. With such turning pitches, you can be a successful overseas batsman, only if u attack at will, and play sweep shots brilliantly, say for example, Andy flower, Mathew Hayden. But, the conditions at Newzealand is extremely opposite. Pitches with loads of Grass, Overcast, Chill weather make the ball move and swing. Other than Pitch, Conditions, Knowing the players is the important part. Certain players , play certain way.  Players like Dhoni, Williamson, Bailey, Staniskai starts too slowly. They take time to settle, while someone like Maxwell, Sehwag, Noor Ali Zardan, Russell they hit boundaries right from the start. Like such, if you want to be a tipster, you should have a crystal clear idea of how a batsman plays and how he plays against certain bowlers, in certain conditions and in certain situations. If you have all these bases covered, then sports trading is so simple

What do you find is the best part of being a tipster, and the worst?

Best Part – Winning a pick with big odds and Consistently winning it and predicting something to happen and its happening, the exact same way. It gives so much of confidence and makes you feel at top of the world, When people respect you, they text you and shower their happiness. I had a client from Germany. Once he texted me, “ I had been betting for 15 years and followed tons of tipster. But I had never seen someone, so consistent like you. You are a genius”. Worst part –  The same client from Germany called me a Moron and abused me, when I had a losing streak. Ha ha. Lol. The stress and coping the losing streak is the worst part and ofcourse, when my picks lose, people lose their money. They trust me, blindly trust me. So whenever I enter a losing streak, I feel terribly bad.

How many Clients you have and how much do you earn? 🙂

Can I skip this question? Lol. I have about 25 clients and each pay me about 180 euros a month. So, you calculate how much I earn. Am bad in maths J It’s not about money. On months, where I had a bad streak, where they don’t make enough profit, I refunded my clients, even if they don’t demand it. That’s the way, I see it. If they pay me 180 euros, they should make at least 300 euros a month on following me. If not, it’s not ethical of me to charge them. More than money, I want to be happy of what am doing

How does your day look like, how much time do you spend on analysing?

Recently I got to a habit of waking up as early as 4 Am. It helps. Keeps you disciplined, focused and a clear mind. It’s all on the mind right. Once your mind and thoughts are pure, everything will fall in place. Most tipsters say, they analyse 10-12 hours a day, like such. Seriously don’t know how they, spend that much of time on analysing, without getting bored, sleepy. All I do, is maximum of 1 hour of analysis. For me, it’s the decision making. To have that, all I need is a clear mind, not hours of analysis, reading. Again, contrary to all tipsters, I always have loads of free time as well

What do you do in your free time?

Lol. Again, the same answer. I work as a tipster, in my free time. Am not joking. Being a tipster, is like watching a movie, spending time with a close friend, having a walk at beach. It’s fun. I enjoy it. I love it. I never put stress on myself. When I put that stress, I can’t enjoy it. If I can’t enjoy it, I can’t give the right picks and I just hate it. That’s how I see everything in my life, I will do certain things, only if I like it, if I enjoy it.

Difficult to interview you! Tell about your personal life?

 Am not open to lot of people. My world is very small J

Thank you so much for this, is there anything else you would like to add?

Nothing much. Well, I would suggest you to visit my blog, betvijay and become my client. Lol J So that u can know me better, instead of these interviews. Haha J Thanks for your questions. Good day mate

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