Evaluating The Features Of Different Types Of Reloading Presses Available

Reloading press forms a vital part of the overall reloading setup. Being expensive, it is important to select the right reloading presses.

Types of reloading presses

Reloading presses are primarily of three types. While choosing a press, the rounds to be loaded form an important consideration.

Single stage press

This type of press is simple and reliable. The following are the main features of this type of press:

  • This press allows a single loading operation at a given point of time.
  • The simple set up of these presses makes them easy to maintain.
  • Single stage presses allow usage of only one die at a given point of time and resizing may be done every time a die is to be used.
  • This press is a preferred choice of first time reloaders as it is simple to operate, affordable has a sturdy construction and can be maintained easily.

Turret press

The operating principle of turret presses is same as that of single stage ones. However, they differ from single stage presses due to their capacity of holding multiple reloading dies in the rotating turret, which is mounted on the top. A turret press exhibits the following features:

  • These presses ensure better reloading speed than single stage ones.
  • The moving component in these presses which holds the reloading die may negatively impact precision.

In recent years, there have been many improvements in turret presses which have increased their capability to a considerable extent. Few such improvements include:

Punch cycle

Turret presses manufactured earlier had fixed, single stroke cycles. Nowadays, the best turret press consist of strokes, which may be stopped and started at anyplace in the cycle. This increases the number of hits per minute. Another improved feature in the modern day turrets is the ability to control the stroke speed which facilitates flow of material.

Several new applications have been added to turret presses due to controllable punch cycles. One such feature is usage of tools for feeding materials and diamond tipped scribes for marking company logos and assembly instructions on the materials. The controllable cycle also facilitates adjustments with the CNC of machines and faster setups.

Contour cutting

Turret presses manufactured nowadays offer contour cutting using techniques like laser cutting and air plasma cutting. This feature helps in cutting down the costs incurred in using special punch tools.


Modern day turret presses are highly automated and allow easy unloading and loading of materials.

Progressive Press

Progressive presses are quite popular as they increase the number of rounds created in an hour by a hand loader. These presses possess the capability to operate multiple rounds or perform multiple operations at a given point of time. Few noteworthy features of these presses include:

  • Progressive presses have various attachments which may be used for holding finished rounds, multiple dies, powder, empty cases and primers.
  • Each pulled lever of a progressive press performs multiple steps at once, thereby decreasing the amount of manual work to be done by the hand loader.
  • The setup of these presses is complicated and may require maintenance.

There are many types of reloading presses available. A suitable one may be chosen according to the requirement.

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