Essentials You Will Need For An Equestrian Riding

Simply sitting on a horse and galloping away is not that easy. Beginners get to know this truth once they get on the horse. If you are interested in riding a horse and thinking to get a taste of this activity, better join a riding stable. They will provide you with necessary riding apparel which you will need to take lessons. You can even buy them on your own if you have the basic idea about the riding gear. Some of the basic riding essentials that you need while riding are:

Helmets: No doubt it is a must-have essential from the safety point of view when it comes to horse riding. You can find helmets that are light in weight as well as fitting everybody’s budget. Riding horse is a risky thing and chances of accidents are more. So having a helmet is an inevitable thing. You can make use of Sports Direct discount code for free delivery while making a purchase to save few bucks.

Shirts: A good variety of shirts are now available for riders. You can find shirts that are breathable and made from wicking materials. This will keep the rider comfortable whether it is summer or winter. You can even find waterproof jackets, weatherproof gears as well as hoodies so that rider can protect himself during bad weather.

Breeches and pants: Most of the English riders prefer breeches or jodhpurs while riding a horse. You can find a good collection of horse riding pants available in both pants categories. As a rider, you can even opt for western jeans as they are comfortable too. You will not end up with rashes as the seams are not disturbing.

Breeches are mostly made using cotton fabric in combination with spandex for the right fit. Moreover, the material creates friction and makes sure that you do not slip away from the saddle. Mostly breeches stay fit at the bottom so that shoes can easily slip over them.

Chaps: You can find a variety of chaps and chinks like the half chaps of English schooling to full-length leather chaps with fringe laces. Chinks end at the knee while full length chaps touch the ankles. Chaps keeps your body dry from horse’s sweat as well as provide good grip on the saddle. Make sure that you have proper fitting chaps to avoid feeling being uncomfortable.

Gloves, socks and boots: Depending on the style of riding, people use either cowboy boots or paddock boots. Mostly western riders go for cowboy boots and English riders choose paddock boots. These boots are light in weight and made for those riders who does not like the traditional ones. They look like any hiking boots and come with good strength.

When it comes to socks, it depends on the size of the boot. Mostly you will find long socks that can easily wick moisture.

To get better help while riding, riders use gloves. They are used while schooling as well as during shows.

Apart from these essentials, you also need right underwear to feel comfortable. Bras that are specially designed for riding will help female riders have a smooth ride.

The equestrian ride is all about fun. So make sure you have the right clothing to enjoy the ride to the fullest.

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