Enjoy A Real Treat With These Sweet Candy Games For Mobile

If you want to indulge the sweet tooth without all the sugar and the calories, you can get your fix by playing candy-themed mobile games! Although the games won’t turn you into a master dessert chef, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fun game. Instead, you can also take your kitchen out with you and create confections anywhere and anytime. Enjoy your sugar rush with these candy-making, candy-loving games!

Little Panda’s Candy Shop

Little Panda’s Candy Shop was developed to foster learning in children ages 6 and younger. You won’t find loads of levels with big challenges, so older kids and adults may not enjoy the simple gameplay. But the easy-to-use interface will keep your younger kids busy for hours – and that’s not all! With Little Panda’s Candy Shop, your child can play a fun (and tasty game) and learn at the same time.

Kiki the panda is a pastry chef who expertly mixes fun and learning. Designed for skill-building and basic lessons, your little one will learn real-life cooking techniques like crushing almonds with a mortar and pestle, whisking egg whites for meringue, and the art of blending flavors. With more than twenty ingredients to use in any combination, there’s no limit to the number of candy samples your child can make!

Chocolate Candy Bars Maker 2

There are two types of people: those who prefer vanilla and those who prefer chocolate. If you fall into the chocolate club, then you’re in for a treat – quite literally. With Chocolate Candy Bars Maker, you can create all your favorite branded chocolate bars. If you’re in the mood for something crazy, why not create an entirely new chocolate bar that no one has ever tried before? Let your imagination run wild as you make exciting (and tasty) combinations with different chocolates, nuts, and fruits. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself suddenly craving chocolate; It happens all the time!


Although originally I didn’t find this one, I discovered it later on a list of the current best candy games. Since I liked it I decided to include anyway. I’ll also insert the link to the list so you can check even more candy games you might like.

The List of Great Candy Making Games

There’s more to candy games than you’d think! Instead of merely going through levels of candy-themed fun for hours on end, KingCraft takes a different approach. KingCraft is all about collecting candy charms to build a bigger kingdom, and you get to choose how you want to play! You can start your adventure on Frozen Island, Dragon Island or somewhere else. Each Island provides unique and delicious resources that you can use to grow your candy kingdom quickly. So you’re not just aimlessly creating candies or matching candies (we’re looking at you, Candy Crush) but you’re also building, exploring and expanding your candy kingdom at the same time.

With these addictive games, you can become a master candy-maker, build a candy kingdom and more. Plus, your kids will love these family-friendly games just as much or more than you do. Whether you like chewy or crunchy, fruity or chocolaty, you can find a ton of candy-themed fun right on your phone. Indulge in your love of candy without a trip to the dentist.


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