Effective Video Marketing Tips And Tricks To Increase Your Website Traffic

The truth is that old marketing methods are slowly dying, and even if people spend millions on commercials, finally the decision of whether buying or not will be made by the consumer. Being assaulted by so many unwanted commercials, spams, and messages, they figured out a way to ignore everything. Therefore, no matter how much you try in the traditional way, there are chances that you will eventually fail.

Nowadays consumers have so many choices that they can easily choose something that is best for their interest. Another important reason why consumers ignore commercials is because they have too many choices and less time. Therefore, they don’t have time to pay attention to your commercials, and thus they will ignore anything.

Effective Video Marketing Tips And Tricks To Increase Your Website Traffic

In Today’s Market, You Have To Be Different

There is an interesting analogy by the marketing guru Seth Godin, that shows the nowadays situation, which presents someone driving around until he sees a cow or a goat, without stopping, without even looking at it, because after all he has seen cows so many times that there is no reason to even blink at the sight of a common animal.

However, if for instance he would drive by right next to a pink cow, then he would notice the difference, at least for a while, until he will get accustomed with pink cows, losing once again the interest. If you want something that brings your profit, something that is discussed by everyone and is purchased in high quantities, then you actually want something remarkable.

Every week, the most viewed movie changes, and this is not because it is the greatest movie of all times, being a competition to movies just like Titanic, but rather because it is new and people are curious. The truth is everyone who has to deal with marketing has actually to deal with the fashion business, and therefore what is actually sold is the concept of something amazing and remarkable.

Just as mentioned before, the old ways of marketing aren’t effective anymore, and therefore businessmen need something new and interesting that will attract the attention of as many people as possible. During the past few years, videos created by successful companies were a big hit, and usually they were spread on YouTube. However, this online platform seems to be a little oversaturated, and if you want to have success, you will need to think about alternative ways.

First of all, you will need an innovative idea worth spreading. As you well know, people love interesting videos, sharing them all the time on Facebook. Therefore, besides the platform you are going to share your video, you will also need valuable content. You will also have to think about the fact that YouTube is used by too many competitors, and sometimes it us unrelated with your business, which needs something else.

Usually every startup assaults YouTube and all social media platforms in an unorganized way, and therefore they reach a big fail that could have been easily avoided. You should learn from all these examples, trying to avoid them.

If you want to promote your products, first of all you will need to reach your target audience, making contact with it, and redirecting it to your website. In this way, besides your videos, they may also see promotions and other kind of contents. Mainly, you will need to promote your videos in more places, not only on YouTube. Social media might be an interesting choice, especially because there are many active users which spend a considerably large amount of time sharing all kind of information.

Work On Your Video Marketing Strategy

If you choose YouTube as a way of promoting your business through promotional videos, then you will need to create a functioning system which will need time. It is not as simple as leaving your YouTube account there without trying to promote it. Therefore, you will need to come up with an innovative strategy, standing out from all the competition which is using YouTube as a way of promotion.

You should also think about a brand, since this is one of the best marketing methods. Brands are successful because they are innovative and catchy, keeping the audience interested. Make sure to use your brand in your videos, and on your channel, being able to spread it to as many people as possible. Right now YouTube is an interactive channel, and therefore you can easily be in touch with your target audience.

In this way you can find out more about them, being able to design products and services that will serve their needs and desires. You can also reward the ones that are faithful to your business by setting up prizes. No matter how you look at the situation, videos are actually amazing ways of promoting your business, creating an entertaining and informative content worth spreading.

Johan Hedin is the Managing Director of Wholesale Whiteboard Explainer Videos, which produces high quality animated whiteboard videos.

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