Eco-friendly Share Portfolios: The Key To Long-term Profitability?

If all you are after in terms of your investments is profit, pure and simple, then you may not be tempted by eco-friendly investing. Yet there’s no reason not to look at spreading an investment portfolio to take in some green investment options, and to take an ethical and moral position about what is going to help the environment in the long term.

After all, there is only one world and if you don’t look after it for your children and the new generations to come there may not be much of a comfortable environment for them to live in.

Eco-friendly Share Portfolios: The Key To Long-term Profitability?

Making the Choice

Taking an ethical stance when it comes to investing may strike you as a little strange, but there are many investors looking into how their own moral stance fits with what is on offer. You shouldn’t be looking to lose money, obviously, but you can choose your investments to make money and also help build a better world. So how do you go about it?

Take Advice

If you’re a relative newcomer to investing then it really does pay to take professional advice. A specialist financial expert such as Pete Briger, who is Principal and Co-Chairman of leading investment company Fortress, can bring years of experience to the table to help you with developing an eco-friendly portfolio. Before joining Fortress, he worked for many years at Goldman, Sachs & Co, and his financial knowledge has helped many investors to realize excellent profits in a wide range of investment opportunities.

Green Investing

You should remember that investment is rarely risk-free and the same goes if you want to get involved in green investments. There are, however, some green investments that are relatively low risk, but have the potential to bring an excellent return. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Green bonds: In common with other bonds, you pay up front for a bond in order to get more than your investment at a specified future date. Your investment finances environmentally friendly projects. It’s relatively low risk and helps bring in critical funds for these types of green initiative.
  • Green stocks: Get your financial advisor to fill you in about companies that have green products or services, and a stated green mission. There are plenty of choices now, so you could invest in a company that makes renewable energy products or one that is working on significantly reducing its carbon footprint.
  • Start-ups: Start-ups are risky, but as part of a wider portfolio certainly worth considering. Many entrepreneurs are developing new businesses and techniques to produce environmentally friendly products and services. Ranging from energy-saving products to new composting methods, there are many options you could look at that could bring you a very good return on your investment.

Invest with Care

Eco-friendly investing helps businesses that care about the environment and the impact their activities have on it. You can choose to be a part of this ever-growing sector and know that you are doing your own bit to help.


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