Do You Think You Are Fit?

Women have a lot of thing to worry about. Looking good is not so easy. So the fitness program should encompass everything a woman wants. So the right cocktail of the fitness training should be able to answer various problems- losing weight, stop the effects of ageing, look younger, improve the skin tone and complexion, be relatively attractive to the muscular sex, improve the flexibility of the body etc. All you have done till today is just follow what your heart says. However, putting a little extra effort and mind plans will aid your dreams to come true.

Perfect Fitness Training

All you want is to be fit. You are naïve towards the different training sessions and the effects it has on your body. When you feel like ripping those extra fat flab’s out of the body, you should know the best way out. When you want to increase the flexibility of your muscles and joints you again need the best way out. All hard work and no smartness will exploit you drastically. So a right blend of these two will pave way towards success. The perfect fitness training session should reduce the cholesterol and triglyceride levels, increase the efficiency of respiratory system and cardiovascular system, increase the cardiac output, reduce blood pressure, and increase the bone quality by increasing and maintaining the bone density, strong and flexible muscles and maintaining over all well being. The effects of being fit extend to keep up with good health and prevent any diseases from affecting the person. Physical exercises should be able to improve the immunity, reduce the stress levels due to which inter related diseases such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, peptic ulcer and diabetes may be prevented. Most importantly, you would never have been so calm and lively in your lives before. The reduced stress levels bring in the right feel of well being. Furthermore, libido and sexual performance also increases with right fitness training.

Losing Weight

If you aim to reduce half kilos of body fat in a week, the exercise regime should be proportional to burn 2500 kilojoules in other words 600 calories every day. With this calculation in mind, you may walk approximately 10 hours per week that is anything between 90 minutes per day. Alternatively 4 hours jogging or cycling (at a speed of 20kph) divided into 35 minutes every day. A good fitness program will not only ensure weight loss quick and easy, it will make sure the lost weight never comes back. You will boost with confidence and self esteem. Girls, take out the clothes in the wardrobe you wanted to wear since so long. With enhanced appearance and self esteem socialize well and keep your social life rocking. This will keep you busy and happy with your friends and family. Increasing stamina, improving the postures and regaining the momentum in life is all possible from a rightly chosen fitness program. Bring in the vitality and charm in your life that was tarnished long back.

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