Do You Need 4WD?

Buying a new car is about equal parts exciting and frustrating. You are given an opportunity to put yourself in a new vehicle that should serve your needs better than your current vehicle and also offer you exciting new features. However, you have to deal with the people selling you a vehicle, which can make the entire process very frustrating. Essentially, the first thing you should do is to decide where to buy your car. You should definitely be buying from a dealership and not an individual seller. It might seem like a private seller is the way to go since the cars might be a little less expensive, but they will probably end up costing you a lot more in the long run. Once you factor in repairs and inspections, private transactions do not save you much money.

Do You Need 4WD?

Once you have decided to buy from a dealership, you need to decide what you want. Four-wheel drive (4WD) is incredibly popular these days. Many people wonder if they actually need it. Here is why you might need four-wheel drive.

Heavy Rain

South Eastern Australia tends to have a pretty dry climate and ironically, that dry climate means that it is more likely to flood on the occasions it does rain. That propensity for flooding is why there are so many 4WD cars for sale in Canberra.

Four-wheel drive means, as the name implies, that all four wheels receive power from the engine. That greatly increases the amount of traction you can get while driving through rain-slick streets. Mud and water can really damage your traction and those extra tires can be the difference between getting home safely and sliding off the road.


Four-wheel drive is not all-utility, though. If you like to do a little bit of off-roading, a four-wheel drive vehicle is a great choice. Canberra and the surrounding areas have some of the greatest landscape in the world. Exploring the different natural landscape sometimes involves driving where there is no pavement.

Whether you are heading out into the country or just out for an afternoon of fun, 4WD will keep you going where you need to go.

Towing Capacity

If you are pulling a trailer or towing your mate’s vehicle, you are going to need a lot of power. You are also going to need to have increased traction. When you put your vehicle under a load like a trailer, it gets harder to keep your traction. Also, increased engine power makes it more difficult to maintain your traction. Providing power to all four wheels will help you keep your car on the road.

If you decide to buy a 4WD vehicle, be sure to buy it from a reputable dealership. Since power is delivered to all four tires at once, the mechanism is a little more complex. Four-wheel drive vehicles employ a transfer case, which often becomes non-functional due to misuse. A private seller might not know if the transfer case is any good. A reputable dealer can inspect and repair any damage.

Always buy your used cars from a reputable dealer that performs thorough inspections.


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