Do Not Ignore Cardiac Problem: Get In Touch With the Efficient Physician

Individuals having obesity with frequent metabolic syndrome regardless of undergoing restricted diet, brisk walk and exercises, are very likely to get confused as to what they should eat or what type of exercise can ultimately help them get rid of obese. Above-all, if the same patient also suffers from types of thyroid issues, cardiac complications then before the situation goes out of control, it’s always the best choice to get in touch with Dr. Lowell I Gerber MD MS FACC in Freeport, ME. Dr. Lowell is the founder of BIOINDIVIDUAL Health Strategies LLC and is a Medical Director over there. The facility is located in Freeport, Maine. The specialty of Bio Individual Health is that doctors there evaluate your complete medical history, assess on the genetic issues and finally decide on custom made medication and healing measures which may include special workouts or dietary that can be truly helping.


Based in Freeport, Maine, Dr. Lowell I Gerber MD is one of the most demanding and acknowledged specialist physicians in the major areas of Cardiology, General Prevention methods and Medication and Public health. In Freeport, he founded the super specialty hospice and healthcare center Freeport Life Style LLC this is the parent company of Bio-Individual and Younger-LearnerMe. He is certified by the American board of Internal medicine for his expertise and specialization in Internal Medicine as well as Cardiovascular Diseases. Those who are longtime victims of Hypertension and suffer from chronic high blood pressure are recommended to meet and consult their problems with this eminent doctor to stay away from its fatal causes.

Dr. Lowell I Gerber MD is an expert in cardiology and whatever may be the intensity of your cardiac health, he is an able physician to provide superior class solutions and healthcare service that restore one’s physician wellness, The sufferers of Unstable Angina, Acute Coronary Attack, Heart diseases and blocks and those who are experiencing minor to major problem in relation to heart health, get in touch with the doctor for comprehensive solution. You must be aware that High Cholesterol level is a serious issue which eventually leads to heart blockage. Its impact can even damage the normal functionality of heart which is a crucial necessity to lead a healthy life. In case you or your loved one is having such syndrome it’s always the best choice to take an appointment and Dr. Lowell I Gerber MD .

Aside from his own facilities, he is affiliated with a series of medical clinics and healthcare units where you can meet him. A few of them include Down East Community Hospital, Maine, Maine Medical Center, Portland; Mercy Westbrook Hospital, Westbrook, James A Haley Veterans` Hospital and more. One can also meet this famous cardiologist and specialist doctor in human wellness at the centers like Maine Medical Center – Brighton Campus, Portland; ME-2; Naples Community Hospital, Naples; North Collier Hospital, Phelps Country Regional Med Center, Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital, in Portland ME and more. When it comes to his educational and professional background, he is backed by BS and MS; completed from the University of Illinois with major in the area of physiology of exercise. He successfully achieved his medical session as well as degree from the Loyola University. He is honored with fellowship from the Southern University of Florida, College of Medicine located in Tampa.

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