Discover The Facts Of Galaxy Note 4

Another flagship Phablet of South Korean Company Samsung was presented in early September 2014 at the traditional Berlin exhibition IFA. Sales of Galaxy Note 4 are bringing lots of profit for Samsung; let’s discover few of the interesting facts of Galaxy Note 4.

Good for Selfie:

Everyone is looking for a smartphone, which can capture good selfies as it is a new trend in the market. And Samsung has not disappointed the people with the Note 4.

And Galaxy Note 4 is giving the complete advantage to the people of Galaxy Note 4. The phone consists of 3.7MP sensor for the front camera, which has a very special mode of shooting. We are talking about Self Panoramic wide-angle mode, in which you can take the wide angle pictures. That is best for selfies.

Just 30 Minutes Charge Time for 50%

The new Galaxy Note 4 not supports the software interesting features but also it is powered by the latest fast charging technology, which actually improves the experience. With this technology your Galaxy Note 4 could get charge of 50 % in just 30 minutes of time. Means you can play more with your Note 4.

Discover The Facts Of Galaxy Note 4

And as you must be knowing in 50% charge Galaxy Note 4 could work up to 10 hours. Isn’t that amazing to enjoy the 30 minutes charge for 10 hours. But it is not valid for all cases like heavy loads of games, movies or something. It is just for the basic general mode.

Wireless Charging

The wireless charging rumors was there for Galaxy Note 4, just before the release. But after presentation, it was cleared that Galaxy Note 4 would not suppose the Wireless charging by just taking it out of the box. It has got the limitations. But Samsung has solved the problem and now you can enjoy the wireless charging in Note 4.


The legend, Julius Caesar was able handle three things at the same point of time and our Galaxy Note 4 can handle more in quantity if we consider the task at same point of time.

Lots of Memory

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes in the 32GB inbuilt storage memory and yes there is a micro SD card slot. And it gives you the flexibility to expand its backup up to 128GB. And this is the reason, Note 4 able to overcome the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. But it is the first year for Apple in such class but you can’t expect this feature in upcoming years too.

This was all about the interesting facts of Galaxy Note 4, but we want to tell you that the Note 4 flexibility is not limited till this, it has lots more to discover and definitely working with new S-Pen is pretty interesting but yes Samsung to focus on quality and built once more. Let’s hope the Galaxy Note 5 design would be better or more comfortable to accept.

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