Dietary Supplements For Body Building

Body building has become the new fashion statement in men. Big hunks with huge muscles and perfectly structured ABS are a cynosure and totally irresistible for young girls. So, boys when you have decided to steal the limelight, there is a lot to do about it. Physical training is indeed quintessential part of the affair, but if you are not nourished sufficiently the results of physical exertion you have been through do not manifest. Body building is a very challenging concern. There are research reports indicative of body building supplements being the prerequisite along with weight lifting, squats, and other forms of exercises. Body building is a comprehensive effort of taking care and punishing the body. When you are constantly increasing the muscle resistance and endurance, body needs something more than normal. Supplements mean something that is extra. If you are taking an extra step to look like a hulk, you need something extra.

Body Building Supplements

In order to strengthen the muscles there are several supplements in the market. But choosing the one that is right for you is difficult. It is always better to talk to your trainer. He will know what you actually lack and what is important to make your exercises more efficient. However, we shall discuss some of the body building supplements that are being used successfully.

Whey Protein Supplements

Whey proteins are obtained from the milk hydrolyzate. There are 2 forms of whey proteins- whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. Whey protein isolate, contains up to 70 to 80% milk protein, whereas whey protein concentrate contains hardly 30% of the milk protein. Whey proteins contain the essential branched chain amino acids that are essential for structuring the muscle proteins and muscle fibers in turn. Whey proteins improve the stamina and thus the endurance levels of the muscles.

Meal Replacements

These are a group of proteins (whey protein, casein protein) that are rich in essential and non essential amino acids. If you wonder having a good diet is sufficient, you may be wrong because, studies indicate protein supplements before and during the exercise will give a real boost to the response muscles produce to the weight training.

Weight Gainers

These supplements concentrate on keeping the body weight reasonably high to support the physical exertion and building muscles. A certain amount of fat is necessary to keep you active and alive all day.

Protein Bars

They serve as a great source of snacks. Being healthy, they are targeted to the muscle building goals and will not allow you to get distracted with the junk foods you find elsewhere.

Creatinine Monohydrate

Enhanced plasma levels of creatinine are linked with great muscle quality, strength and stamina. This gives an overall strength to the body builder to move on to the next levels of weight lifting and more strenuous exercises.


Glutamine is an amino acid that is an important body building supplement. Though it is a non essential amino acid, extreme exercise tends to quench the body levels of glutamine.


The need for selenium and magnesium and multivitamins increases with rapid metabolism in the body. So, multivitamins serve as vital body building supplements.

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