Decorate Your Rooftop – The Place Where Santa Lands

When busy with indoor Christmas decorations, people generally tend to ignore the outdoor and rooftop decorations. But people, if your house looks unattractive outside, no one will look into the beautifully decorated interiors. So gear up and spend some time decorating the roof of your house. Once you look for it, you will get numerous and endless ideas to decorate your rooftop. A simple star looks beautiful, of course, but these days it is too common and plain. So think up something new. Rooftop is the place where Santa Claus is believed to land, so it would be great if you could use a model Santa and his reindeers for decoration. It would give your roof a new and attractive look and would be very realistic. If you have got kids at home, this decoration is even more appropriate. Kids would love it and it would get them even more excited if they get to welcome Santa (albeit, a model one) home. The neighborhood kids too would love it when they look up and see Santa waving from the roof. Such models are easily available at the decoration stores and look good.

Christmas is the time which lights up the lives of many people. So it is just fitting that you decorate your lives and your precious home with lights. The use of lights on the edges of your house and on the roof gives it an extra festive look. New types of fairy lights are available in the market at low costs. Get them and mould them into a variety of shapes. Even thaw simplest of lighting styles look really attractive and eye-catching. Moreover these lights can later be removed and reused. So it’s a one-time expense. A variety of lights are available in various shapes and colors. From white LED lights with single colored bulbs to multicolored theme lights, everything is available in the market. In fact, even lights specially meant for rooftops are available. In short, this means that the use of lights is less of hard work and more attractive. Edge lighting is more in trend these days. Outline your house with lights and make it eye-catching. You can even use the lights to create Santa Claus and reindeers on the roof and also for many other shapes.

The legend behind Christmas includes a lot of angels and stars. So why not decorate your rooftop with these. A simple star is common. So remodel it. Add a model angel to your roof to look over your house. It will look beautiful and divine and of course unique. Get your own personal angel and re-create the Christmas legend. Add lots of stars with lights in them. It would brighten up your rooftop and look like the sky is resting on your roof. Going eco-friendly, Christmas trees and other decorative plants can be put up on the roof top and the edges. Decorate these plants with fairy lights and make your roof attractive. This would turn a simple lighting into amazing and superb tree lighting. This technique can also be used on the bushes and garden plants for outdoor decorations. You can also make a small model wooden cabin on your roof and re-creates the Christmas scene on your rooftop. That would be unique as well as holy. A little divinity in the festive season never goes amiss. Use wreaths on the roof railings. Also add big ribbons to it. It would give you the Christmas-y feel.

So this Christmas, don’t ignore your rooftop. Give it the festive look and you will be amazed at how a simple roof can give your house an amazing Christmas look.

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