Dealing With The Concept Of Comptia Network Training

CompTIA is a non-profit certifying agency based out of Illinois, USA. It started operations on the 1st of January, 1982, under the name Association of Better Computer Dealers (ABCD). It has a philanthropic division – Creating IT Futures Foundation – which promotes the training and certification of financially weak students and adults. The best part about receiving any Comptia Network Training is that they are recognized all over the world. As the certifications are vendor neutral, the certificate holders are considered experts in solving technical difficulties that arise in the equipment made by any and all manufacturers. The acquisition of a certificate by CompTIA is not a walk in the park. It requires in-depth knowledge of all topics and clarity of all concepts in each topic.

Dealing With The Concept Of Comptia Network Training

Vendor Neutral Certification

The Network+ certification by CompTIA is a vendor neutral certification. This certificate proves an individual’s expertise in creating, installing, maintaining, repairing, troubleshooting and managing the network systems that are made by any manufacturer. As the holder of this certificate is expected to manage any and all network systems, Microsoft, Novell, Cisco, HP, etc., all hold this certification in high regard. The Network + Certification is considered to be the major step towards the advancement of careers related to telecommunications and networking. Some of the basic skills that are covered by the Network+ certification are.Troubleshooting and managing a basic networking infrastructure.

  • Installation, configuration and operation of various wired and wireless network systems.
  • Identification and explanation of commonly used networking protocols as well as the ports used in them.
  • Identification and troubleshooting of connectivity and performance issues in any network.
  • Configuring, installing, managing and differentiating between commonly used and available network devices.
  • Describing and explaining in details, the different types of networking technologies and their usage and the principles used in the creation of a basic network design.
  • Adherence to the acceptable standards of wiring and usage of the latest tools in testing the efficiency of different networks.

Objectives and Documents to Consider

In addition to the above, the CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam Objectives, a document released by the organization lists many more objectives whose thorough understanding is required for appearing in, and clearing the exam. Some of them are:Explaining the functioning and various applications of the many network devices that are used today.

  • Comparison and contrasting of the usage of varied networking services and application.
  • Installation and configuration of the various networking services and applications.
  • Explanation of the various characteristics and potential benefits of the different WAN technologies.

Relevance of Comptia Knowledge and Expertise

With such a vast field of knowledge and expertise in each aspect of every topic, the IT professionals specializing in networking are truly worth their weight in gold. The Network+ certification by CompTIA validates their knowledge and helps them achieve great heights in their career. Additionally, this certification does not require any mandatory qualifications and can also be acquired by students and non-networking professionals who wish to increase their knowledge base and further their career as IT specialists. Recent surveys have shown that Network + certified professionals earn as much as 74000 dollars a year on an average. This is great choice for professionals wishing to validate their knowledge of the various systems and also increase their pay-package by a significant amount through Comptia Network Certification Course Copenhagen.

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