Cutting Costs: 4 Great Ways To Save On Petrol

Overly expensive petrol prices are the bane of most car-owning families’ existence. Unavoidable, yet often exorbitant, fuel is a necessary expense that always seems to keep rising higher and higher still. In today’s economic climate, petrol prices show no sign of slowing down, either.

But there is good news. Cutting your petrol costs can be easily done, even if public transport is just not an option in your area or lifestyle.

Check out our four tips for slashing your fuel expenses every week.

1. App savings

Did you know that sourcing the cheapest fuel prices in your area is as easy as downloading an app? Meet crowd-source fuel price app Fill My Tank, the thrifty driver’s dream. (In Western Australia, FuelView is another good one.) These apps allow you to track petrol prices in your local area and locate the nearest, most affordable ones in your vicinity. It’ll keep you and your wallet ‘appy!

2. Calculate your car’s petrol mileage

Most of us know that petrol stations are best avoided on payday, when petrol prices surge, but sometimes it’s unavoidable to fill up on those days despite the additional costs. The solution? Calculate your vehicle’s petrol mileage so you know exactly how much you need to get by until you can fill up again when the petrol prices aren’t as severe.

Use this online gas mileage calculator to figure out how much gas your car needs to fill up the tank, so you’ll have a better indication of how far you can make it when the petrol prices are especially ridiculous.

3. Supermarket discounts

The humble fuel rewards card and range of supermarket discounts available are a sure-fire way to reap in savings on your petrol costs. Even saving only a couple of cents every litre can add up to dozens of dollars every month and hundreds over the years. Do your research and find out which deal is the best for your area and budget. And don’t forget to check the back of every docket you receive for potential savings on fuel, and so much more.

Try keeping an eye on special offerings such as the golden 8 cents off, or even rarer, the 12 cents off.  Time your grocery trips in line with these special offerings and try making the most of them.  It all adds up.

4. Embrace the carpool

There is nothing like a carpool to reduce the costs of driving. Next time you’re driving somewhere and you know a group of friends or acquaintances are headed in the same direction, save money, fuel and the environment all in one by arranging a carpool.

Don’t get stuck being the driver every time though, be sure to take it in turns driving, or work out a system so whoever is driving gets a bit of money for petrol, even if it’s just a few dollars here and there, so that all passengers share the same benefits of reduced petrol costs.  Start a petrol jar in the car, and get your friends popping in a bit of loose change every time you give them a ride somewhere.

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Charlotte Gray is a student from Melbourne who knows a thing or two about saving money thanks to Shop a Docket.

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