Customization – All In The Name Of Adding oomph Factor To Bikes

A major 50% of the appeal of a bike comes from riding a customized bike. Giving the bike an all new face lift can be a daunting task costing time and effort in making new parts replace the worn out accessories. However, the rider can then be rest assured of an enhanced comfort during rides, which will benefit from his consistent efforts towards customization. Visit omxgraphics.comto know more about graphic decals, kits and stickers.

The following are the Innovative Ideas for Customization of Bikes

The Enhanced Exteriors – Innumerable options are available at the disposal of bikers to choose from various iconic graphic designs on bikes. All dependent on individual preferences, bikers can opt for a single color dominating the entire frame or can choose graphics and decals from OEM sources, in keeping with their innate artistic choices.

Ergonomics – Riding being a pleasurable experience for any biker should not pose health hazards on account of a bad riding posture. Customizing the bike by lowering the suspension to match the rider’s height and seating position will be a great move for a biker with a petite stature. This will enhance maneuverability on account of gaining support from the ground while stopping at signals or during parking.

Exhaust systems Aftermarkets are thronging with customization options favoring the bike’s exhaust system. An overhauling of pipes will lessen the sound of the stock exhaust system you can upgrade your pipes, which can just be plugged into the bike with utmost ease. Matching the contours of the bike, fancy options of exhaust systems are rule the roost, however impairing the power of the bike. A good pipe system will go a long way in improving the overall performance of the bike with characteristics of torque, mileage, speed, horse power, needless to mention that distinctive sound it will produce.

Customization through Chroming – Affluent bikers burn a hole in their pockets by having their entire bike chromed, without the exclusion of handgrips, pegs, trims and handlebars. However, bikers choosing a somber look can opt for different hues of color scheme and have them powder coated. This novel idea is a move to add the rider’s signature to his motorcycle.

Headlights– High level of visibility will result from adding extra light units mounted on the headlight system, making night riding a safer proposition. These headlight mount kits come in different shapes and sizes that are readily available for any make of a motorbike. Paying heed to these minute details will definitely speak volumes of a characteristic eye for detail of the rider.

Front fenders– These are apt places in a bike for a complete makeover. Riders can opt for painting them with any style of their choice, adding to the customized appeal. Choosing a chrome trim matching the front fender can make eyes roll. Matching the color of front fenders can lend a similar look and feel to gas tanks too.

Luggage Compartments – Installing these readymade units to bikes can provide ample space for luggage and also house the accessories of the bike, during travel. Detachable kits available in various materials make carrying luggage an easy job, while on the move. All depending on the duration of the journey and the volume of luggage, various options can be availed.

Forward controls – The forward controls promise ease of installation not consuming a lot of time, in addition to being inexpensive too.

Windshields– Again determined by the duration and nature of journey, short windshields are best suited for touring around a small town. However, taller windshields add functional benefits of warding off wind fatigue and flies, which are inevitable distractions during a long journey.

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