Create An Awesome Superhero Party Birthday Party For Your Kid

Superhero party themes never go out of fashion as every kid dreams of becoming a world saver one day. If your kid wants an awesome birthday party this year that is based on his love for superheroes, we say why not amaze your young lad. Hiring party entertainers are one of the ways to organize a superhero party, but if you have decided to throw a super cool birthday party without any party entertainers then we have some fantastic ideas for you. Our collection of superhero party games is simple yet engaging D.I.Y party entertainers.

Bean Bag Attack

Every budding kid loves to knock down the villains, and this game is exactly what they want. For this game you will need empty cans or gallons to hold the villain posters in place. First paint the gallons or cans and glue the villains pictures on them (you can buy the posters or take print outs).

Kids will be attacking these villains using bean bag attackers. You can make these attackers using socks and filling them halfway with beans or rice. If your kid’s birthday falls on a warm day, then water guns will be a better alternative for a bean bag attacker.

Catch the Villain

Remember the old piñata you used to play as a kid? Add a fun twist to the game, by making your little superheroes chase the villain and catch him using a hula hoop. When the villain is caught, he throws out a candy to get released. The game continues till villain runs out of candies.

There are few requirements for this game. First an adult need to be the villain, who can engage children. You will also need hula hoops for every kid; usually these are available at most stores for a buck. You can also switch need for hula hoop by making kids tag the villain. This game is not to be played in restricted locations, but larger areas like a yard.

Superhero Party Icebreakers

Problem with kids is they easily get bored. It is a nightmare if few of your guests arrive and they wait for others to arrive before party gets started. Bored kids get mischievous and the icebreaker games can save the day for you. Kids can play these games as soon as they arrive. You can:

  • Ask kids to draw their own superheroes, then make them explain their character to other kids
  • Use superhero coloring pages
  • Provide kids with masks and provide them with markers and other decorative material to design their own masks

You know with kids, creativity and entertainment are never limited. Superhero parties always get children excited and you can never go wrong with them.

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