Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Writing The Dissertation

It is seen that many students fail to defend their dissertation. After taking all the required academic courses and successfully qualifying for the degree, a candidate still can’t face the dissertation defense.

One of the reasons for not successfully facing the dissertation defense is that the committee panel identifies something new to change, for which you will have to carry out some new research. On the other hand, some students make mistakes like incorrect or incomplete info, which prevents them from confidently defending their essay.

No adequate research for the information on the topic

One of the main reasons why many students fail to defend their dissertation questioning efficiently is because they do not conduct proper research. Therefore they will be at loss for words, when the judging panel asks them certain questions. It can also be because of not creating proper drafts while composing the dissertation proposals. Basically they are ill prepared for of the review.

Inadequate research on the topic makes it very tough to provide adequate support to the paper. The prior research will be helpful in preventing any modification of topics anywhere in the paper.

Not using latest information for research

Another common mistake is the use of outdated information. Any information that is more than 5 years old, when used for performing the research, fails to validate your argument in the better way. This is because the information keeps on changing every year.

So, the information that was correct five years back may not be relevant today. Use old information only when you are providing a background of any topic, otherwise only focus on providing updated information in your paper.

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Not addressing all points of connection

Before forming the dissertation, some students forget to address all the possible areas of contention. This negligence prevents them from attracting the attention of committee members.

The objective of a student should be to fill in various loopholes in the research. This saves the student as well as the committee member from wasting time in fixing details that should have been addressed much before the dissertation defense.

Not aiming at one area

This is another common problem that is seen in the disserrtation of the students. They do not focus their thesis on a single subject. This happens because the paper is a large document, and so it covers several sub-topics. Failing to aim at one area causes a student to get unfocused and unable to maintain the structure in the research paper.

One way to avoid this problem is to use an outline. Stick to it and avoid any deviation from it. Simply focus all your attention on the discussion and not get tempted to include any new information out of the scope of the topic.


These are some of the mistakes that prevent dissertation from not getting observed at early stages during the research work. Avoiding these mistakes would greatly help students in defending their Ph.D. thesis or dissertation.

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