Cloud CRM Software: Comprehensive, Efficient, Safe

These five superb customer relationships management solution will help you to establish easy and effective communication with clients and partners, and automate different business processes.

Establishment of communication with numerous customers and partners can be pretty difficult, especially, if your organization is pretty large. There are so many channels: social media, email, mobile calls and SMS, etc. How to keep track of communications and keep in touch with every single client? cloud based CRM software give organizations the opportunity to automate numerous businesses processes without using their own premises and spending much money.


Cloud CRM Software: Comprehensive, Efficient, Safe

In this platform you can unite marketing, sales and customer service and automate a lot of communication processes. Bpm’online software allows tracking the entire customer journey starting from lead generation and finishing by long-term partnership and special personal offers. Why people love using this program?

  1. There’s no need to deploy servers, because the database of this CRM platform is web based and can be accessed remotely. No expenses on hardware and IT staff: with stable Internet connection and any web browser you can use the program freely.
  2. This cloud CRM can be used whenever and wherever you want. There are mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows that are synchronized with desktop version without being bound to your PC or laptop.
  3. Exceptional security. Don’t be afraid of storing all valuable assets in a remote datacenter: the highest level of security is guaranteed, because the servers of bpm’online are protected with the help of state-of-art technologies.

How does this program can help you to improve customer service? First, you will be able to access database and have valuable user information to make the right decisions and personalize communication. Secondly, you will have an automated contact center to deal with repetitive simple tasks and help users resolve some issues on their own. Thirdly, knowledge database will be available for your teammates to improve the level of service.

Workforce Manager

This cloud CRM software is powered with the whole gamut of different features and functions including booking system and tracking of online jobs, order and stock control, integration with mobile devices and field service management tools. This solution of AutoVu company covers the whole cycle of customer relationships and helps to contact them without using third party platforms.

A remarkable feature of Workforce Manager software is the full screen diary that helps to organize and track customer’s history of communications or business processes. You can easily click, drag and drop objects to customize the diary. You can even mark status of process with some certain color that indicates at what stage the job is. To check bookings, you can use any device, but don’t forget to log in.

CRM on clouds

This is the best cloud CRM software for startups and small businesses, especially ones with a tight budget and limited resources. The complete version of CRM on clouds is free for the first 10 users and provides different applications for sales and marketing. The list of features includes (but is not limited to):

  • CRM leads;
  • dashboards;
  • reports;
  • emails to leads.

The building tool for lead management allows creating leads and advertisement emails with personalization, so you can attract more potential customers and sale faster. Service cloud is designed to resolve cases and tickets faster, increase the rate of customer satisfaction and boost team productivity. With a cloud marketing tool, you can automate campaigns and track their execution and success better. CRM on clouds also powers users with opportunity management to improve the rates and show possible and current deals in a pipeline. Such important features as document management and referral tracking are also included.


Tired of complicated programs and cluttered interface? With cloud CRM software from ProsperWorks you can track sales activities of your organization and always have up-to-date information about how your team is working and what they are doing at the moment. There is no better way to organize the employees and boost their productivity than by assigning them the right tasks and controlling their execution. Note that ProsperWorks CRM solution automates many manual and repetitive tasks so that your team could focus on what really matters.

Good news: the interface of this program is similar to the one of Gmail, so it won’t take much time for the users to understand what is what. Pages of this cloud program feature only necessary sections and buttons – there is nothing extra. Another unbeatable advantage of this platform is reasonable cost: for as low as $19.00/month/user you will have the entire spectrum of useful functions and features.


Cloud CRM Software: Comprehensive, Efficient, Safe

SugarCRM is also worth being called the best cloud based CRM software because it allows tracking the complete customer journey and personalizes communication. When you know what your customer wants, it’s easier to offer suitable services and products and ensure satisfaction. Besides, SugarCRM platform also has features for sales and marketing. A lot of fields and processes can be easily customized: some organizations value this peculiarity.

What other companies praise SugarCRM for is transparency of costs: there are no hidden fees, and you always know how much you need to pay. The software can be used with equal convenience on stationary and portable devices, and is compatible with different operating systems.

Cloud CRM is the opportunity to get maximum of customer relationships at minimal expenses. Now you don’t have to buy and maintain servers – the service is available online, no matter where your teammates are. Implement one of these CRM solutions, and you will notice that workload has decreased, and client’s satisfaction has considerably grown.

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