Christmas Time: 6 Reasons To Visit Barcelona In Winter

Winter is one of the best and beautiful seasons in Barcelona! Catalonians like winter because they get their city back. There are no big crowds of tourists in the capital. Winter in Barcelona is good time for piece, family rest and meeting local cuisine and traditions.

Tasty Food

You know that the most of traditional dishes of local cuisine are pretty good, especially in winter. The plain, but tasty dish is chicken soup escudella de carn d’olla, made of vegetables, meat and galets – pasta in form of shells. The next soup is Sopa de Nadal, or Christmas soup, is also cooked with pasta, chicken and vegetables. Do you like chestnuts? Castanas or chestnuts are popular Christmas dish to buy on every corner on every street in winter. They are hot and baked. You can buy chestnuts in the market to cook on your own. Turron is very popular delicacy in winter. This is the traditional Christmas dessert.

Christmas Eve

Good Weather

The weather is sunny in winter. Of course, the winter is cool in Barcelona, but not cooler than spring or autumn. The sky is bright and blue. It makes contrast atmosphere with grey boring winter in other European countries. The temperature is about 12°C. So, you can meet people on the beach in this period. If you wish to see some snow in winter, you can hire a car in Barcelona and go skiing and snowboarding to Andorra. It is situated 2-3 hours driving from Barcelona. Cheap and high quality ski resorts are good attraction for winter tourists.

If you want sun, you can go to Morocco. The ticket from Barcelona to Morocco is about 100 EUR. You may get there by car or Iberia flight-company.

City Sights

Winter is pleasant time to enjoy all popular city sights without big crowds. There are no many people in the city. Where do you go? This is time to visit Sagrada Familia, Guell Park, modern Casa Batllo or popular football sport complex Camp Nou. The city is organized with bright lights and other interesting decorations. There is additional bonus: central city square is made of ice. This is the biggest skating rink in the city.

Cheap Flight and Hotel

Visiting Barcelona in winter, you have great opportunity to realize what a real Catalonian culture means. Booking room in apartments or in a hotel, you can learn the city from all sides. Pay attention to Ramblas Apartments. They are comfortably situated close to all popular city sights and city center. The tickets to Barcelona are cheap as it is not summer season. This is a great chance to have rest in Barcelona at a bargain price.


The first and main holiday is Christmas. As a rule, this is a noisy party in the streets. People, tourists and natives, go out the street to feel the Christmas atmosphere. There is a biggest Christmas market in the city. It takes place every year, attracting more and more people. La Fira de Santa Llucia is about 225 years old. Traditionally, you can by luxury decorations, presents, statues and other interesting items here. You can also find many attractions in the market, including thematic performances and big parade Carassa de Nadal.

Winter Events

Jazz Festival starts in October to be finished in the end of December.

Christmas in Ice is a chic performance for kids that take place from December, 28 till March, 3 in the Castle of Sant Jordi. Never miss your chance to visit this fairy show.

Sales Night starts in Nobember, 22. This is time, where the season of sales is officially opened.

Christmas Market on Fira de Santa Llucia starts working in November, 25.

Copa Nadal de Natacio is the oldest tradition in Barcelona. This swimming competition takes place in Barcelona port just opposite the Gate of Peace. Are you scared of swimming in winter? If you are not afraid of cold water and want to have new impressions, you should book tickets beforehand.

Winter Traditions

Winter is a chance to meet typical Catalonian Christmas character Tio de Nadal. This is a good attraction for kids. Tio de Nadal is a big log with smiley face on it. It is usually placed in houses, schools, restaurants in Catalonia. Children bring candies and sweets to Tio every evening. It is said that you should feed Tio for Christmas. Christmas is time, when kids hit the log many times to find long hope presents. You can find a little smiling log in Santa Llucia market.

Dia de los Tres Reyes Magos

This is the next interesting event in Barcelona. Children write greeting letters to kings and wait for their presents. The parades are held in all Catalonian cities. Go to the center of Barcelona to see at least one of them, the most beautiful and exciting. Never miss your chance to visit the feast in Barcelona. This is truly Spanish event.

Santo Antonio de Lisboa is the holiday of January, 17. This is the second impressive feast in Catalonia that is organized in form of parades, dragons, giants, characterized for all Catalonian holidays. The colorful parade is headed by a huge pig, symbolizing evil forces and spirits to tempt Antonio.

St. Eulalia is taken in February, 12. This is the holiday of city patroness St. Eulalia. The holiday usually takes for 5 days. You meet holiday concerts, parades, fireworks and other attributes of traditional Catalonian holidays. There is also a chance to visit the most of city museums and exhibitions for free.

Calendario de Adviento * Papa Noel

According to this, the winter holidays in Barcelona must be interesting and impressive. Plan your trip to Barcelona in winter, to participate popular winter holidays, Christmas market. The restaurants are waiting for your visit to offer traditional Christmas dishes and hot drinks. The nature is different in winter. There is always a choice to go skiing or stay in the city and get some piece and science. Christmas is time, when beautiful city looks great, bright and fairy. Who said that winter is not a right time for holidays? Never miss your chance to have admirable vacation in Barcelona in order to make your dreams come true.

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